FG on Fox: Todd Frazier and the Billy Hamilton Effect

With a guy like Billy Hamilton on first base, you’re likely to get a fastball. That’s a good thing for Todd Frazier, who has traditionally feasted on fastballs. But does Billy Hamilton also make for a distraction at first base? Someone taking off for second base in your peripheral vision doesn’t make for great concentration at least.

That distractive property of a speedster at first base was the possible explanation that Ben Lindbergh had for the decreased production batters saw when they were at the plate and an aggressive runner was on first.

But ask Frazier about it and he says he’s “locked in” at the plate. “When they throw over three or four times, it’s not a distraction, it makes me feel a little better knowing they’re worried about him and not me,” the Reds third baseman said. “He understands what he’s doing and I understand what I’m doing.”

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  1. Rickey Henderson says:

    Dwayne Murphy had a similar coming out party when I was running wild in 1982. He nearly doubled his previous career high in homers, and regularly hit with me on first doing my cat with a restless paw impression.

    So, just so we’re clear, it is officially known as the Henderson Effect, and that was way before the 2nd fella named Billy Hamilton arrived on the diamond.

    I remain, and always will be, the Greatest of All Time.

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  2. Baltar says:

    Good article, Eno.
    What is “Just About Outside?”

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