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Fielding Independent Batting, A ShH Revolution

We have discovered something marvelous! We only need to know four simple measures to predict what a hitter can do: Their walk rate, strikeout rate, home run rate and BABIP.

For weeks now, we’ve been exploring and playing with my initial discovery, and now we’re to the point where I feel comfortable calling it Fielding Independent Batting (FIB) — an homage to Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP), which predates it and partly inspired it.

I have created a final, consummate Google Doc, aptly titled Complete Should Hit (Advanced Predictor!) — as seen above. The document has several tabs, so let me explain:

Now go! Play with this new FIB toy and tell me what’s wrong, what can be improved, and what surprises you!

NOTE: In order to edit and play with the Google Doc, you will need to make a copy or download your own version from my original.