Frankie Piliere FanGraphs Chat – 3/17/11

We’re happy to introduce the newest member of the FanGraphs staff, and host of our new weekly Thursday prospects chat – Frankie Piliere. Frankie worked as a scout for the Texas Rangers and then moved into a prominent role covering prospects for AOL FanHouse. He’ll be talking prospects here each week, as well as filing reports on players as the season gets started. Please welcome Frankie to the site.

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7 Responses to “Frankie Piliere FanGraphs Chat – 3/17/11”

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  1. Mario Mendoza says:

    OUTSTANDING. Good job, FanGraphs.

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  2. Mike says:

    Ahh yes, the Fangraphs community continues to grow, congrats Frankie Piliere

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  3. Grant says:

    Is ‘Frangraphs chat’ a play on words or a typo?

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  4. Frankie on FanGraphs? That’s pretty awesome. I’ve always really enjoyed Piliere’s work.

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  5. Sean says:

    Piliere on Fangraphs? This place just keeps getting better and better.

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  6. maqman says:

    You’re good Frankie, glad to see you here.

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