Frankie Piliere FanGraphs Chat – 4/7/11

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3 Responses to “Frankie Piliere FanGraphs Chat – 4/7/11”

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  1. Nobleman says:

    Holland, Neise or Stauffer for the rest of the year? And in what order?

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    • Marc says:

      Wow toss up.. Holland has the most potential but pitches in a HR haven. Niese is very good but still a touch raw and will have trouble getting wins in NY. Stauffer does not have good stuff but pitches in a national park. I’d say Stauffer if you’re looking for ERA, Holland for K’s.

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  2. JayTeam says:

    Pirates and their fans keep bringing up the unfairness of the FA comp system, yet continually trade anyone who could get them a comp pick. Dotel this year would have netted them the #43 pick in the draft. They are like the guy who killed his parents and asked for mercy because he was an orphan.

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