Giants-Cardinals Game Seven Live Blog

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  1. chuckb says:

    Cards need to treat this as a bullpen game. Their strength is in the depth of its pen so Matheny needs to get Lohse at the first sign of trouble. I fear that he’ll leave Lohse in there too long and he’ll give up 2-3 runs in 5 innings or so and the Cards will lose 3-2 or 3-1.

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  2. Train says:

    is this a live chat or a live blog?

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  3. wjylaw says:

    In summary: Trout, Trout, Giants, Cardinals, Trout, Trout

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  4. Slats says:

    Game over.

    Giants vs Tigers – World Series.

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  5. Jon L. says:

    On whether Carlos Beltran should inherit the “Mr. October” moniker:

    In the World Series, Reggie Jackson has a 1.212 OPS in 116 PA’s, while Beltran suffers from a very small sample size.

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  6. channelclemente says:

    Beltran suffers from being spectacularly irrelevant wherever he plays.

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