FanGraphs on Facebook Live

Live from wherever we live: it’s FanGraphs Live (on Facebook)!

New to our chat lineup will be video chats via Facebook Live. Various writers will pop our Facebook page to recap or preview games, answer your question or talk about events with which we’re involved in video form. Want to ask a question? Just comment on the video and we’ll see it.

Hang tight with us as we work out some the kinks in the system. As we get going, we might run into some technology struggles, such as not being able to see the comments. Dave Cameron and Jeff Sullivan figured that one out last time though while on the road!

Lead prospect analyst Eric Longenhagen will pop in to give updates and thoughts on various players he’s seen recently, as well.

Keep an eye on our Twitter for alerts on when we’ll have a new Live chat and be sure to follow our Facebook page to be able to tune in.

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Michelle Jay is originally from Chicago but currently lives in Boston. She doesn't care what color her Sox are, so long as they are not Cubbie Blue. She is a social media coordinator and video producer for FanGraphs. She is also a freelance photographer, and is a photo archivist for the Boston Globe. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @michelle_jay3.

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