Scouting Info on Player Pages

With the release of Kiley’s first prospect list for FanGraphs, we’ve updated the player pages to include some basic scouting grades.


These will continue to get updated as we have new information on players. And as Kiley continues to roll out his prospect evaluation lists, we will add players from additional teams.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

4 Responses to “Scouting Info on Player Pages”

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  1. Thufir says:

    That’s fantastic! Might I recommend also adding minor league players to the custom teams feature? Might be too difficult I suppose given that they play different levels every year but I would be great to be able to have all of your dynasty prospects and their numbers on one page…..

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  2. Bryan says:

    Is this going to be exclusive to minor league players, or will this be for all players?

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  3. jjdouglas says:

    Just a heads up… I went to check the grades for Alex “Chi-Chi” Gonzalez from Kiley’s scouting report. When you click on the name link for Gonzalez, it brings up 3 players with the same name, but none is the correct player because Alex is listed as Chi-Chi in Fangraphs player database. Due to this, his scouting grades have been incorrectly posted to the wrong Alex Gonzalez (2B – Hou).

    Typically I wouldn’t pick nits, but I could see this being an issue as other scouting reports are posted. Maybe check each players Name link before posting to make sure the correct player is getting their respective grades.

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