Short, Unnecessary Film: Thus Sprach Corey Ray

At the end of this past week, prospect analyst Jesse Burkhart published a post at FanGraphs enumerating the virtues of draft-eligible Louisville outfielder Corey Ray. Less than an hour after that, the present author published a collection of regressed statistical leaderboards for select college conferences — atop one of which appeared draft-eligible Louisville outfielder Corey Ray, for his performance among ACC batters during the first week of the collegiate season.

For both reasons, the author observed with some interest this weekend’s series between Louisville and Ole Miss, played at the latter’s home park. While the Cardinals lost two of three games there, Ray played well, striking out just once over 14 plate appearances and recording an extra-base hit in all three contests.

The last of those extra-base hits was a home run — which is to say, basically the best kind of extra-base hit there is. With a view both to (a) celebrating that home run and also (b) attempting to reach the very narrowest possible demographic of this site’s wide readership, what the author has done is not only to capture the video footage of Corey Ray’s homer, but also to render it into slow motion and set it to an excerpt from Also Sprach Zarathustra by dead German composer Richard Strauss.

The results of this unnecessary moment in the history of film appear below.

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