The Year’s Best Minor-League Base-Stealers, Feat. Billy Burns

Last year, then-Washington outfield prospect Billy Burns produced the most stolen-base runs among every minor-league player in the whole minor leagues — about 12 of them, it would appear, using the major-league linear-weight values for stolen bases and caught stealings*.

*Caughts stealing?

Now employed by the Oakland franchise — and, indeed, having been promoted to that organization’s parent club just yesterday — the 24-year-old Burns once again appears atop (or very nearly atop) the minor-league leaderboard for stolen-base runs.

Regard, the top-10 basestealers by that measure, through yesterday:

# Name Org Age PA SB CS wSB
1 Rafael Bautista Nationals (A) 21 394 57 8 8.3
2 Billy Burns Athletics (AA) 24 421 51 5 8.3
3 Mallex Smith Padres (A/A+) 21 434 71 22 5.8
4 Jose Peraza Braves (A+/AA) 20 451 55 14 5.6
5 Jacob Hannemann Cubs (A/A+) 23 405 35 4 5.5
6 Delino DeShields Astros (AA) 21 375 43 9 5.1
7 Gilberto Mejia Mexican (AAA) 31 436 41 8 5.1
8 Terrance Gore Royals (A+) 23 264 32 4 4.9
9 John Andreoli Cubs (AA) 24 252 28 2 4.8
10 Jacob May White Sox (A+) 22 438 37 7 4.7

Notably, two other players appear here after having appeared among last year’s top-10 list, as well: both Terrance Gore and Jose Peraza — of Kansas City and Atlanta, respectively.

As for Burns himself, Oakland manager Bob Melvin has stated that he’ll likely start in center field against lefties — this, according to Jane Lee.

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  1. nard says:

    Instagraphs: Because all your pageviews count the same.

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  2. Miles says:

    times caught stealing? unsuccessful (steal) attempts? Christmas stockings?

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  3. Ryan says:

    InstaGraphs: Wherein Carson Cistulli’s winding prose turns short articles into slightly embiggened, but still short, articles.

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  4. Sports Enthusiast says:

    Catches stealing?

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  5. Sports Enthusiast says:

    This led me to examine career baseruns created leaders–and laggards. Here for the enjoyment of people too lazy to look it up:

    Paul Konerko -68.4
    David Ortiz -62.4
    Jorge Posada -48.9
    Bengie Molina -47.4
    Jim Thome -47.3

    Babe Ruth, by the way, is 47th, with a -23.4 mark. 46 players, by this measure were/are slower than Babe Ruth.

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  6. foxinsox says:

    Steals Caught?

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