Introducing FanGraphs Q&A

FanGraphs has had some sort of user forums since it started and generally it’s a place where people go to ask questions about either the site, fantasy baseball, or sabermetrics in general.

Today we’re launching FanGraphs Q&A, which will hopefully allow for better discussion and allow for good answers to questions to be found much more easily than in the past.

To kick things off, we’re moving our RotoGraphs fantasy mailbag to FanGraphs Q&A where our RotoGraphs team will continue to answer questions and the rest of the FanGraphs community will also be able to chime in and help too.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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  1. Dan Out West says:

    What happened to the Prospect Stock Report column? It was running daily (M-F) until about a week and a half ago. Really enjoyed the addition of that series this year. Thanks.

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  2. Please give us something on Melky Cabrera and Ryan Vogelsong’s failure to regress as predicted.

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  3. pobothecat says:

    Last summer , the Mariners decided to major-league test a lot of their potential rebuilding pieces. The recent promotion of Nick Franklin to AAA got me wondering if they might be about to do some more of that here in oh-12, with him and Hultzen. Any insights into that? Thanks.

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  4. pobothecat says:

    Forgive me for being the first to abuse the new Q&A feature, but I’ll bet there’s a seamhead who here can help me. I’m looking for the scoring system used by Bill James Fantasy Baseball, now STATS Fantasy Baseball. I played for several years back then and can remember most of it. But it was so elegantly thought-out that I’d hate to get parts wrong. A Google search yields nothing. Anyone among the FanGraph family have lead for me on this one? Thanks.

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