Introducing Josh Reddick

Meet the Red Sox’s insurance policy on Jason Bay and J.D. Drew. His name is Josh Reddick and he’s a 22-year-old outfielder who made his majors debut last Friday. The most noticeable thing when looking at Reddick is his eyewear, opting against contacts for whatever reason. The next thing you’ll notice is his impressive athleticism and ridiculous arm strength and accuracy.

A 17th round pick in 2006, Reddick has impressively shoot through the Red Sox system, reaching Double-A in his first pro season, albeit for only a game. Reddick has since recorded 420 plate appearances in Double-A, hitting .257/.332/.492 all the while shifting between right and center field. Reddick has an impressive 41 career assists; it’s not just luck either, his arm is ranked above average by nearly every scouting report.

Reddick has flashed improving pitch recognition skills and walk rates, but be forewarned: he’s going to strike out a bit. If he can stick in center his power (.235 ISO in AA) figures to exceed expectations for the position. Oh, and he’s a left-handed bat, which just makes everything even sweeter for Boston.

With Reddick’s impending inclusion, which current Sox outfielder will be going?

Drew is under contract for an additional two seasons, Bay qualifies for free agency at season’s end, and it seems unlikely the Sox mess with Jacoby Ellsbury. With two lefties already roaming the outfield, it would seem that keeping Reddick around as the fourth outfielder simply hurts lineup flexibility. Letting Bay walk and replacing him with Reddick does the same, but replacing Drew or Ellsbury doesn’t seem realistic either.

So where in the world is he going to play? Beats me, if nothing else I suppose he would make a nice part of a potential trade package.

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