Jack Moore FanGraphs Chat – 5/17/11

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  1. chuckb says:

    Re: La Russa batting Pujols 3rd in the order rather than 4th — Batting Pujols 3rd guarantees Pujols a PA in the 1st inning when, according to TLR, many pitchers are vulnerable. That’s La Russa’s logic.

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  2. Dscott says:

    It also gives Pujols some more protection behind the guy that is a favorite to be intentionally walked. That might not be a problem this year if you put Berkman behind Pujols and Holliday in front of him,but years past, there was only one legitimate guy that could protect Pujols.

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    • TheGrandslamwich says:

      In the last couple years he often batted Brendan Ryan 9th. He may as well have been a second pitcher at the plate.

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