Jack Moore FanGraphs Chat – 6/21/11

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  1. Jahiegel says:

    At last I remembered to awake in time to follow this live.

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  2. Drew says:

    I would just like to note that Fangraphs as a whole has OFFICIALLY Jumped the Shark with regard to Matt Joyce. Led by Jonah Keri, they have taken a perfectly acceptable, moderately productive, low-cost, power hitting, good-gloved outfielder and they have made him an elite player in both real and fantasy realms. We, the less deluded, know his true level and have watched unsuprisingly the last few weeks as he has moved there. The urge to believe the numbers is soo strong with these guys that Jose Bautista becomes the best player in baseball and Matt Joyce rises to a 2nd tier fantasy force. It’s a blind spot, FG. Work on it!

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  3. everdiso says:

    Agreed on Joyce. He was my ace pickup in the late rounds of my fantasy drafts, and I wasn’t shocked to see him get hot to start….. but I’m not surprised in the least that he’s come crashing back down to earth in an ugly way, and I wouldn’t expect anything more than average-ish production from him the rest of the way.

    Bautista, though, simply HAS been the best player in baseball for a little while now. Here’s the best hitters in baseball over 2010 and 2011 so far:

    1) Bautista: 977pa, 1.035ops, .439woba
    2) Cabrera: 964pa, 1.033ops, .429woba
    3) Votto: 975pa, .999ops, .430woba
    4) Hamilton: 737pa, .999ops, .428woba
    5) Konerko: 937pa, .981ops, .417woba
    6) Pujols: 1018pa, .961ops, .405woba
    7) Holliday: 872pa, .944ops, .406woba
    8) Gonzalez: 1018pa, .941ops, .397woba
    9) Ortiz: 902pa, .934ops, .397woba
    10) Fielder: 1030pa, .921ops, .398woba

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