Jack Moore FanGraphs Chat – 6/7/11

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  1. Jahiegel says:

    Nearly arose in time for this today, an effort far better than that that I gave one week hither, when I planned to wake for the chat at noon and managed to sleep ’til 1:30p.

    Re the substance of the chat, one might offer Joe DiMaggio as a high-ISO, low-strikeout, low-walk guy, although inasmuch as his walk rate was double digits and nearly twice his K rate, he is not, I imagine, within the spirit of the question. Not sure that there are many others whom one might name, though; AFAICT, of the top 200 (well, 202) of the 3497 players with at least 1000 PA by ISO, but four had/have a walk rate and a strikeout rate of single digits each—Chuck Klein (.223 ISO [96th {or joint 94th; I've never undertaken to learn whether three-decimal place averages on Fangraphs are extended out for the purposes or ordering players}], 8.4 per cent walk rate, 8.0 per cent strikeout rate), Hal Trosky (.219 [120th], 9.5, 8.5), Nomah (.208 [180th], 6.6, 9.6), and Babe Herman (.207 [182nd], 8.4, 9.9). (I don’t propose that this is other than a very crude study, recognizing its several limitations, which I will not bother to recite; it’s a very brief inquiry into a[n almost certainly definitively answered elsewhere] curiosity.)

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