Jack Moore FanGraphs Chat – 8/16/11

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6 Responses to “Jack Moore FanGraphs Chat – 8/16/11”

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  1. Mike says:

    In terms of high-end potential, Nats’ signings: Great draft? Or greatest draft?

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  2. CabreraDeath says:

    Jack – Ever hear of Charlie Morton? You know, the guy that just dominated your Brewers for 7 1/3 innings? He’s one of those guys from the ‘McClouth’ deal that you ignorantly just panned. He’s also the guy that has the most GB outs in the Majors, has given up only 5 bombs in 130 innings, and, sports a very solid FIP. Bust? If so, give me more of them.

    Since you admit you don’t know prospects, I will refrain from informing you that Jeff Locke is close to the Majors, Gorkys Hernandez will make a very solid 4th OF, and Bryan Morris may end up being the Pirates closer of the future.

    I know you are a Brewers homer, but readers should at least expect Fangraph authors to be somewhat knowledgeable about things they write.

    The Pirates-answer in this chat from you doesn’t meet the aforementioned threshold.

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    • Brett says:

      You seem to think an awful lot of your average-at-best major league pitcher and mediocre minor leaguers.

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      • CabreraDeath says:

        I do think highly enough for them not to be labeled ‘busts’, yes, you are correct. Every metric imaginable would back up that assertion, as well.

        Brett and Jack Moore vs. Overwhelming evidence……

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    • jack clark says:

      this will probably be charlie morton’s career year and he’ll never be better than a #4 starter. you make him sound like doc gooden in the mid 1980s

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    • Jack Moore says:

      I forgot he was part of the deal. My bad.

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