Jason Collette Baseball Chat – 1/24/14

Jason Collette: Hi all, let’s get it started. Here until 1p EST

Comment From Jason Collette Jr.
odds jays make the playoffs

   Jason Collette: slim to none and slim has a foot out the door


Comment From Burris
How surprised are you that Garza signed in Milwaukee?

   Jason Collette: Very surprised. Without the comp pick hanging on him, I thought he would have a lot of suitors but the scuttlebutt on his medicals clearly limited that pool. Milwaukee’s staff looks very good with him on it.


Comment From Jason Collette Jr.
can i draft Goldy 2nd overall?

   Jason Collette: I honestly don’t have a problem with that, but Cabrera is more of a sure thing.


Comment From Guest
Hi Jason, do you think Burnett retires or returns to a contender?

   Jason Collette: I’m all for guys leaving the game before their skills leave them, but I think Burnett still has more to give. This is a nice way to avoid the grind of Spring Training, and his services should have multiple suitors once he stops straddling the fence.


Comment From Pick #5
Trout, Miggy, Goldy, Cutch… who’s next? Still Cano? Kershaw? Puig? H2H points, thanks!

   Jason Collette: Kershaw or CarGo for me


Comment From Swing and a Miss Puiggy
Haven’t chatted with you before Jason. Like Eno w/ Beer and Jeff w/ Volcanoes what is your niche interest that we can derail this baseball chat with?

   Jason Collette: Travel. In my previous life, I traveled 70-75% of the time so I know way too much about airplanes, airports, and hotels than I care to. I don’t miss being a road warrior.


Comment From Not Sean Rodriguez
Is my job in jeopardy now that the Rays traded premium pitching for a garbage utility player? And if so is Houston in need of a garbage utility player?

   Jason Collette: Not at all. Joyce and DeJesus both need platoon partners in the lineup, so Rodriguez and Forsythe will get most of their PT there for now. Torres was a guy who struggled to throw strikes before Marty DeMerritt and others got him on the right track. If you’re a believer in sell-high & buy-low, the SD/TB trade is a solid one. The Rays had a talent gap between the lower levels and the upper levels of their system, so adding 3 pitchers with AAA experience was a good thing. Torres was one of 8 pitchers in the projected pen that was out of options so something had to give.


Comment From Swing and a Miss Puiggy
Sleeper and the Bust hasn’t missed a beat with you on it; high quality.

   Jason Collette: Thank you. I’m having fun doing the show 2x weekly with Eno and also being able to do the Towers of Power Baesball Hour podcast with Paul Sporer


Comment From Cochise
Does it seem with Tanaka the Yanks still have holes and won’t win the east?

   Jason Collette: The Yankee infield does not instill much confidence. Pasta Diving Jeter returns from a serious injury, Brian Roberts has averaged roughly 45 games a season over the last 4, and Kelly Johnson has never played 3B outside of spot duty. That’s not the IF of a serious playoff contender.


Comment From Jon B
Is the Reds rotation better than the Cardinals rotation?

   Jason Collette: It is very close. A healthy Garcia pushes them over the top, but shoulder issues scare me. Waino, Wacha, & Miller at the top are going to be fun to watch


Comment From Guest
Jason, since the referees won the NFC Championship for Seattle, do they get to go to the Superbowl too.

   Jason Collette: Those are the best refs in the game. When you try them with a sorry excuse of a team like the 49ers, that’s what you get.


Comment From Flink
Care to speculate the Rockies motivation to move CarGo for Ackley, Franklin, and Erasmo?

   Jason Collette: I like Franklin & Erasmo quite a bit, but CarGo is due $63M over the next 4 seasons, which is a lot to pay a guy who has yet to crack the 150 game plateau in his career. I’d still hold him if I were the Rockies and hope that streak ends.


Comment From Buster
I say the Rays are all in this year. Do agree with me that they were not in previous years?

   Jason Collette: I feel they’ve been all-in each season over the past few. What they won’t do is make moves for a single season and are always looking at a 2-3 year talent continuum. That said, not trading Price now will cost them in what they can get back for him this time next year, but a deep run into the postseason would ease that pain.


Comment From Brian
PIck seven keepers in a points league: Yu Darvish (3rd round), Hunter Pence (5), Max Scherzer (5), Felix Hernandez (7), Justin Upton (10), Jason Heyward (12), Bryce Harper (15), David Price (16), Jean Segura (20), Brian McCann (20), Matt Carpenter (20).

   Jason Collette: Darvish, Sherzer, Harper, Segura, Carpenter, Price, McCann


Comment From Simba
Handicap the NL East. Or, should I say, the Braves and Nats.

   Jason Collette: Love love love the Nationals pitching staff, and feel they have enough bullpen depth to keep Soriano on a short leash in the 9th as his skills decline. They are the team to beat in the division in my eyes. The catching situation in Atlanta worries me.


Comment From Carlos Martinez
Stay in minors to become elite… or just roll with him in the majors now and be a mid-tier starter? Or do a 7th-8th inning thing?

   Jason Collette: Give him time in the minors to work on a third pitch. I don’t want to put that arm in the pen just yet, but he needs something to help against lefties.


Comment From Flink
I have an inordinate fondness for Capuano and Santana in big ballparks. What are the chances that Baker outperforms either of then?

   Jason Collette: We only saw 200 pitches from Baker last season, but the dramatic decline in his whiff rate was not good & well off his pre-injury rate. I like him the best of the three in name value, but all have too much risk associated with them.


Comment From Justin
If MLB were to expand to 32 teams, what cities/locations would you put the 2 new teams?

   Jason Collette: Charlotte (because I’m moving there this summer) and Portland


Comment From Bradly Woodrums Cat
Do you think the Cubs have a shot at winning now that they have a proper mascot!?

   Jason Collette: That mascot has happy eyes and a smile, two things we haven’t seen on the face of Cubs fans since the beginning of Game 6 of the NLCS.


Comment From O fan
Who do you trust more, they Rays docs or the O’s docs on Ballfour?

   Jason Collette: I don’t know anything about the O’s docs, but Dr. Eaton is highly reputable. As tight as the Rays are with money, they’re not dumping $12M on a guy with damaged goods.


Comment From Grack Zeinke
Welcome! Think that some 2Bmen are going to change uniforms? There seem to be some openings and next to no movement thus far.

   Jason Collette: Brandon Phillips, eventually. Maybe Howie Kendrick or Chase Utley at some point


Comment From SB Champion
Who leads the league in 2014 in stolen bases?

   Jason Collette: Hard to believe just one player stole more than 50 bases last season. If Billy Hamilton gets 500 PA’s, he’ll lead the league in steals. If not, Ellsbury could do so again as Girardi will let him run at will.


Comment From Arfanel
Do you think Kolten Wong holds the Cards 2B job all season?

   Jason Collette: at least 70% of it. He and Mark Ellis make a very clean platoon situation as Ellis hits LH very well and brings along strong defense. Good signing by the Cardinals.


Comment From Guest
I know it’s tough to forecast with TJ surgery, but I am in a dynasty league and Matt Harvey is my best player. Should I be worried about him? Would you try to deal him?

   Jason Collette: Velocity takes 12-18 months to fully come back, command takes 18-24 months to come back. If I own Harvey in a keeper league, I trade him because that contract will still mature while he doesn’t do much, if anything, for you through mid-2015.


Comment From Jeff
Better longterm keeper – Machado or Profar

   Jason Collette: Profar for me.


Comment From Grack Zeinke
Are the Jays in on Ubaldo ? Cubs?

   Jason Collette: Haven’t heard much, but it would be a waste for the Cubs to do that. Jimenez has the type of mechanics that could go away as quickly as they came together last year. The Jays lack flexibility because they had so many players returning. Health is always their biggest issue as they have trouble keeping people off the disabled list.


Comment From Flink
What is the biggest weakness on the Cardinals roster? Infield?

   Jason Collette: The right side of the infield


Comment From Lenard
Better long term keeper: Minor or Cobb

   Jason Collette: Cobb. Said this with Eno on the Ep 88 podcast as we described perfect pitchers; Cobb is that guy for me. Throws 3 pitches, features a changeup, is a bulldog, & keeps the ball down.


Comment From Ted
Better SP for fantasy: Cobb or Tanaka?

   Jason Collette: In FSTA draft, Tanaka went end of 9th round, whileCobb went six picks later. Flip a coin


Comment From Grack Zeinke
How low do you see Drew dropping his price in order to sign? with whom?

   Jason Collette: At this point, he must be holding out for the right situation rather than the right dollar amount. He is in the driver’s seat with this, and Yankees seem like the most logical fit.


Comment From dbet
It seems like the Brewers are only a few pieces away from competing. Their big hole is at 1st/2nd. What would they need to do to compete?

   Jason Collette: Get another arm in the bullpen, hope Gallardo’s skills stop their slide, and that Peralta/Estrada can build upon their 2nd half success.


Comment From Tomas
A healthy Peter Bourjos will put up what kinds of stats?

   Jason Collette: They better be good ones to keep Taveras down in the minors. The 2011 line is repeatable (.271/.327/.438)


Comment From John H.
Why does CBS have the most bullish projections out there??

   Jason Collette: At a quick glance, their projections seem to lean heavily on a 3-year average of the player’s stats.


Comment From OTTOTD
Why are you afraid to play in the Super Liga?

   Jason Collette: Sounds like Nacho Libre’s sidekick


Comment From Erin Andrews
Marco Estrada, really blossomed when healthy last year, how good can he be?

   Jason Collette: 2nd half for him last year – .165/.207/.260 with a 26% K rate & just a 5% walk rate. Most importantly, just 5 homers in 213 PA. That is what has held him back. If he has cured his gopheritis, he can make a nice step up.


Comment From Sneaky Thieves
Who will steal 20-30 bases this year that has not accomplished that feat as of yet in their career?

   Jason Collette: Wild guesses – Adeiny Hechevarria & Justin Ruggiano


Comment From Bill
Keep 2: Encarnation (round 15), Gomez (round 16), Darvish (round 3), Hanley (round 2), Wainright (round 4)

   Jason Collette: E5 & Gomez. Both 1st round talents


Comment From Wilson Betemit
Why are you the only one who realizes my potential?

   Jason Collette: No se, senor. If you would give up hitting right-handed, you would help your cause. Milwaukee could do worse than adding you on a minor league deal for the 1B job.


Comment From Ryan Seacrest
Dynasty league – Should I trade Matt Harvey if I can get good value? Or should I keep him? Not sure if he will be the same pitcher when he comes back…

   Jason Collette: Yes, let someone else go through the growing pains of his rehab. Play for now.


Comment From Swing and a Miss Puiggy
If I told you there was a 25 y/o SP w FIP’s of 4.31, 4.06, 3.91, and 3.53 the last 4 years trending the right direction with xFIP’s to match and a 55% GB rate 7.22K/9 2.14BB/9 in 2013 who saw his K’s surge to a career high by mostly scrapping his slider and upping his CB% to 16% would you be interested in this player for fantasy? What if I told you his name is Rick Porcello?

   Jason Collette: What if I told you I traded a final year Felix Hernandez for a $4 Rick Porcello in my local keeper league 2 months ago? I’m a Porcello believer. From May 1st on, went 12-6, with a 3.77 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, & struck out 21% of the batters he faced. Lots of value there


Comment From Simba
I’m picking Cleveland for Capuano, Toronto for Jimenez, Baltimore for Maholm, and Seattle for Ervin Santana. What say you, re: those 4?

   Jason Collette: Baltimore has had a very cheap offseason and adding Maholm doesn’t push the needle for them. I’d like to see them go get Rodney, Morales, and Jimenez because their offseason, to date, has been very disappointing. Santana in Seattle would be a nice fit,


Comment From Guest
Expectations of Pujols this year?

   Jason Collette: .350 wOBA,, 28 HRs, drives in 95, plays 150 games.


Comment From Perry
Any ideas for the Mariners OF that don’t include Nelson Cruz?

   Jason Collette: Give Almonte more playing time, and trade Franklin for outfield help.


Comment From S. C. (Jason)
What are the 5 most iportant things in your life?

   Jason Collette: My family, my rescued dogs, my laptop, my recliner, and ease of access to microbrews


Comment From Bryan Robinson
Where are you now, and why aren’t your fingers frozen yet?

   Jason Collette: In Orlando, where it is supposed to be in the low 30’s tonight. I currently have my windows open.


Comment From Guest
What round should I draft Tanaka? 3rd or 4th?

   Jason Collette: try 8th


Comment From John H.
Rank the following mediocrity for H2H, dynasty… Ian Kennedy, Beachy, Erv Santana

   Jason Collette: Big Erv, Ian, Beachy


Comment From Banime
How come the Brewers got such a discount on Garza, did they use a coupon?

   Jason Collette: Cameron spitballed a 4/50 number a few days ago, so that’s what the market pulse was. Health is a flag with him.


Comment From Jay
Trade alex wood for peavy? Thinking that wood might not hold as starter in future

   Jason Collette: Peavy isn’t exactly durable himself. I’d rather have Wood’s upside


Comment From Adam Eaton
Lots of hype came crashing down last year… what are your expectations of me in 2014?

   Jason Collette: With regular playing time, Eaton should do well in Chicago. I liked the move for them.


Comment From Grack Zeinke
tick tock….

   Jason Collette: you don’t stop. To the tick tock ya don’t quit


Comment From Fanny Graffs
Who is your favorite coworker?

   Jason Collette: Eno — we have similar beer tastes


Comment From Brian
Which would you want out of Matt Carpenter as a 20th round keeper and Jason Kipnis as an 11th round keeper. It’s a points league, .25 per base on a hit or walk, 1 point per RBI and R.

   Jason Collette: Kipnis – that’s a potential top 15 overall talent by year’s end


Comment From Swing and a Miss Puiggy
What’s your favorite MLB team?

   Jason Collette: Tampa Bay; grew up in Houston so also still follow Astros closely


Comment From Hometown Team
MFK: Mike Trout, Ryan Braun, Miguel Cabrera?

   Jason Collette: Trout, Cabrera………….Braun


Comment From Conrad
Can you provide an Orioles fan with an idea what the heck their off season “plan” is/was?

   Jason Collette: Resting on their laurels? I liked the Ryan Webb pickup quite a bit though.


Comment From Nolan
Why did Tatanka not sign with Houston? I gave it my best.

   Jason Collette: But I guess your best wasn’t good enough, ‘cuz here we are back where we were before. Seems nothing ever changes, the Astros are back to being chasers, wondering if they outta stay, or head on out the door.


Comment From Guest
What does Scherzer’s contact look like?

   Jason Collette: 7/$180 would be my guess


Comment From A. Friedman
Everyone says I have so much job security, but I can’t draft worth a damn and I haven’t won a WS yet (the only thing that matters). What does ownership see in me that keeps me around?

   Jason Collette: Little known secret – Friedman handles all of the 401K plans for every employee. Nobody wants to let go of free help like that.


Comment From Swing and a Miss Puiggy
Maddux going into the hall w/ a blank cap: pretty silly all around huh?

   Jason Collette: Now that we are getting players who played their entire careers in the free agent era, we’ll see more of this down the line. He should have trolled everyone and gone in as a Padre


Comment From Erin Andrews
biggest bust this year for 3B, value pick this year for 3B

   Jason Collette: bust, in terms of where he’s being drafted thus far – Machado (106). Value – Chris Johnson (265). Look at his BABIP over last 4 years (.360) before throwing out last year as a huge fluke.


Comment From Owen I Breck
Whom would you keep in an OBP/QS league: Belt or Iwakuma?

   Jason Collette: There are few pitchers I love more than Iwakuma


Comment From Compton
RE: Yesterday’s Sleeper/Bust. I loved it, until the feeble attempt at an Al Gore internet joke at the end. Seriously, the most misquoted quote of all time. I still think you’re ok, tho, Jason. Everyone does that.

   Jason Collette: I was going to say that George O’Leary invented it, but I didn’t want to be accused of homer humor


Comment From John
MLB.com has international young signings Jimenez and Zapata as oozing with talent… worth drafting as a gamble in a dynasty league?

   Jason Collette: I prefer to let others take the chances on those and focus on known quantities state side.


Comment From Hatfield
If you are going to be in Charlotte in the Spring would love to go to a game with you.

   Jason Collette: Get the party bus together!


Comment From Steve
Watching the MLB Top 100 last nite and I couldn’t help but make the connection between Kris Bryant and Ryan Braun when he was drafted. Good comp or no?

   Jason Collette: In that he’ll be moved off 3B, sure. Not a terrible comp


Comment From ABW
In AL 10 team league with a $280 auction budget. Keeping W Myers $5, G Perkins $4, Big Papi $11 and J Donaldson $5. Need to keep 3 out of these and your input would be greatly appreciated. O Arcia $5, Rajai Davis $7, Sal Perez #10, Avisail Garcia $10, W Middlebrooks $5 or JJ Hardy $14

   Jason Collette: Perez, Arcia, Middlebrooks


Comment From Kris
How much value does Cano lose going to Seattle? Still a top 5-10 pick?

   Jason Collette: If I’m picking 11th, and he’s there, I’m taking him.


Comment From Joey
Should Heyward or Josh Hamilton be kept in a 12 team, 6 keeper league?

   Jason Collette: Heyward yes


Comment From Conrad
2014 team that made the playoffs in 2013 that will miss this year? How about a team that missed in 2013 but will make it this year?

   Jason Collette: Cleveland out, Texas in


Comment From Seth
How do you think Curtis Granderson’s power will play in Citi Field? It would be nice to see the Mets hit one or two of those things where the ball goes over the fence….home run, I think it’s called?

   Jason Collette: His power will play just fine. 145 HRs over the past 5 seasons, 73 at home, 72 on the road.


Comment From Draft Strat
Are you the type with a plan before/during the draft? Or do you run with the punches. H2H points league, let’s say I pick Kershaw with the 5th pick (15 teams), should I target the two best hitters next at 25 and 35? The two best hitters relative to weakest positions? Double up somewhere (start 4 OF, CI, MI..5 SP)?? Thanks!

   Jason Collette: Target skills, not names. Set your benchmarks for each category and take the players that will best get you to those. That’s my plan each year.


Comment From Sam
Now that Garza’s market value is out there, how much/long do you predict Santana will sign for? Where do you think he’ll sign? Chances he ends up back in KC if the price is right?

   Jason Collette: 1st team that offers him 4/60 will likely get him.I don’t see KC paying that price.


Comment From Hometown Team
Rays v. Cards world series, you ready?

   Jason Collette: Works for me


Comment From Joe
Can the Rays contend with a rotation that is only the 10th best in the league?

   Jason Collette: It will be rough, but they’ll manage.


Comment From Mark
Are the Jay’s really going in with Goins as their starter?

   Jason Collette: It appears so, yes. FA market is dried up


Comment From david l
is it me or does it make no sense for the mets to sign drew? minimal effect on the record over tejada with much more cost

   Jason Collette: “Shows commitment to the fans” yadayadayada. It doesn’t move the needle for them


Comment From Chapman
Why don’t the Reds, or Aroldis himself see the next Big Unit here?? Sure, nice to have a good closer, but Broxton and company would get it done, a LHSP like AC is just silly to ignore!

   Jason Collette: Teams are not overly anxious to move a guy from the pen to the rotation like that. When CJ Wilson did it, he started prepping to be a starter for his workouts the day after the season ended. You can’t tell a guy in January to switch gears like that.


Comment From Mark
Do you think Springer starts in the majors this year?

   Jason Collette: I don’t. Control the future arbitration costs, unless they can work out a pre-arb deal.


Comment From R.F. Haymaker
Best guess as to positions of the following Cubs in 2015 (“none” if you think they won’t be Cubs in ’15): Starlin Castro, Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Mike Olt.

   Jason Collette: SS, OF, OF, 3B – and at least one gets traded for SP


Comment From Chad
Out of all the 1b/OF/DH types signed by Mariners, who is poised to have the best year?

   Jason Collette: none of the above


Comment From Profar So Good
When is it acceptable to draft Jose Abreu in a 10 team mixed?

   Jason Collette: 10th round


Comment From Baltar
Jason, the Rays signing of Balfour and the recent trade pushed their payroll over $80M and created some apparent reduncies to add to one at catcher. Do you think a trade of Lobaton, Rodriguez and Heath, with or w/o Price, is imminent?

   Jason Collette: Lobaton will be moved somehow as the team won’t carry 3 catchers. Roch Kubato was reporting yesterday that the Rays have been shopping Bell around. Rodriguez & Forsythe aren’t redundant if you view the two as the replacements for DeJesus & Joyce in the lineup vs LH.


Comment From Derek
Any thoughts on how the last spot in the Texas outfield shakes out? Will Choice make an impact this year or is Martin going to keep the spot all year…

   Jason Collette: Very high on Martin this year. Excellent skillset


Comment From Allan
Jason, love the podcasts… Do you think Hellickson gets back on the rails this year?

   Jason Collette: Thanks, yes I do. His issues were mechanical out of the stretch because he got loose in overusing the slidestep to compensate for the catchers’ inability to throw runners out.


Comment From timslim
Where all have you travelled? What were some of your favourite stops?

   Jason Collette: Been to all 48 contiguous states. Denver & Minneapolis are my two favorite cities & love going up to New England in the summer


Comment From Flink
Are the Rays going to jettison Price this spring and if so, who do you think flinches and overpays?

   Jason Collette: I say he has a 98% chance to open the season as the OD starter for the Rays


Comment From TampaYanksFan86
Everyone says the Yankees are back and baseball is now better for it. So how many games will they win the WS in 4, or 5?

   Jason Collette: They’ll win it in 3 as the other team will be too scared to show up in game 4 #tehfear


Comment From Steve
Are you a believer in Danny Salazar this year? 200 K possible?

   Jason Collette: I want to see Salazar show more confidence in his secondary pitches when he is behind in the count. When he falls behind, he goes to his fastball, and batters know it.


Comment From Kris
charlotte just built a brand new stadium in uptown for the knights (white sox aaa affiliate). i’m excited

   Jason Collette: I drove by it to check it out when I was up there last weekend. It looks very nice!


Comment From Guest
DEEP, AL-only roto….Scott Sizemore a good $1 lottery ticket, or is there really nothing there?

   Jason Collette: Yes, I could buy that for a dollar


Comment From D Price
Who gets me?

   Jason Collette: Astro does


Comment From Gson
Does a Red Sox SP (Lackey/Dempster/Peavy) + Prospect or Middlebrooks to the Dodgers for “proven healthy” Matt Kemp + Ca$h deal make too much sense?

   Jason Collette: Latest reports on Kemp would scare me in trading for him.


Comment From Nick
How would you rank these 2nd year SP’s? – Wacha, Salazar, Gray , T.Walker, Cingrani, Tehran, ?

   Jason Collette: Gray, Cingrani, Teheran, Wacha, Salazar, Walker…and not much of a gap between them.


Comment From Thomas
What are you expecting from Josh Donaldson this season? He was a big time prospect coming up, could he have finally reached that ceiling?

   Jason Collette: What you’ve seen since August 2012 is what you should expect. Very consistent skills, but his age means there’s a shorter window.


Comment From Nick
Can Cingrani replecate his success from last year despite only throwing 2 pitches?

   Jason Collette: See Sullivan’s article from the other day on this topic.


Comment From j6takish
Why do people act like Scott Boras botched an entire offseason when one out of dozens of his clients has trouble getting a job?

   Jason Collette: They were saying the same thing this time last year when Lohse was still unemployed. Say it with me – “Boras always gets it done”


Comment From That one guy
Tigers better or worse in 2014 than in 2013?

   Jason Collette: Better – especially if Ausmus lets the guys run on the bases.


Comment From Swing and a Miss Puiggy
% chance the O’s open 2014 w/ Tommy Hunter as their closer?

   Jason Collette: Slim…I think the Rodney thing happens. Hunter has little ability to be effective vs LH batters.


Comment From Nick Franklin
Who are your favorite baseball writers…excluding Fangraphs/Rotographs…?

   Jason Collette: Paul Sporer, Gary Armida, Doug Thorburn, Jonah Keri, Jay Jaffe


Comment From Flink
What do you think the Padres are going to do? They’ve got surplus outfielders, and an abundance of okay pitching. Do you think they contend in 2014?

   Jason Collette: Yes, I do. They need to move another OF as they still have too many but I thought they could contend last year. Health is biggest roadblock


Comment From Jason
Any thoughts on Martin Perez moving forward?

   Jason Collette: Would like to see him miss more bats. Did not see the need to rush to sign him to the deal he got.


Comment From Carl
What is your favorite stat for predicting pitcher success? hitter success?

   Jason Collette: Z-Contact%. What are batters doing when they’re swinging at your strikes & what kind of contact is a batter making when they’re swinging at strikes.


Comment From PP Jutz
You like Alex Cobb to blossom into #1 SP?

   Jason Collette: No. I treat #1 labels as I do my PIN code. Cobb isn’t a #1, but there’s nothing wrong with that.


Comment From Rick
Regarding your love for Iwakuma – should we be concerned about him in 2014 due to his big IP jump in 2013?

   Jason Collette: At his age, I wouldn’t be worried.


Comment From joey
Dark horse AL Cy Young winner?

   Jason Collette: Sonny Gray


Comment From E
who is your least favorite MLB team for no rational reason? mine is the Mets.

   Jason Collette: The Mets for what they did in 1986. I still hate Jesse Orosco


Comment From Jake
Did Kershaw lose out by not waiting for FA?

   Jason Collette: No way. He is making full value in this deal and is set for life and then some, no matter what happens.


Comment From Jake
What’s the next big rule change after instant replay?

   Jason Collette: DH in both leagues


Comment From E
international or domestic travel? I’m going to the dominican later this year. Ever been?

   Jason Collette: I’ve only been to Chile & Guatemala internationally. LOVED Santiago


Comment From Jonas
Jason, have the Orioles royally embarrassed themselves in the Grant Balfour fiasco? Do other free agents even take them seriously? Driving the price down of a solid player only to have him sign in your division is like sit-com stuff.

   Jason Collette: It, and the Tyler Colvin stuff does not look good for Baltimore.


Comment From Jake
Best baseball name in the majors?

   Jason Collette: Tuffy Gosewisch


Comment From Erin Andrews
who hits 40 homers for the first time this year? pedro? goldy? trumbo?

   Jason Collette: Trumbo


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