Job Listing: Indians Executive Development Fellow

Title: Executive Development Fellow (EDF), Baseball Analytics

The Executive Development Fellow (EDF) for Baseball Analytics will be exposed to all facets of the Indians baseball operations during this intensive, structured 12-month immersion into the organization. The EDF will participate in a comprehensive orientation program, regular feedback meetings and a cross-functional mentorship program to facilitate enhanced organizational and career development.

The primary purpose for this EDF is to assist the Baseball Analytics department with compiling baseball-related data, performing statistical and sabermetric analysis, and developing reports and processes for baseball systems. This EDF’s duties include collecting and preparing baseball data for use in advanced statistical analysis and predictive models; assisting other analysts and staff on statistical research and/or technical projects; creating reports, charts, tables, graphics, and other documents to deliver information to front office staff in concise and readable formats; and working on other projects as assigned, consistent with departmental needs and the candidate’s skills.

The Baseball Analytics EDF will be responsible for the following:

• Data Collection: Compile, enter, document, and validate new sources of information (online and/or print) and transform them in a format suitable for integration with existing baseball systems.

• Research and Analysis: Extract, analyze and interpret large volumes of statistical and other baseball data, as determined by departmental priorities. Assist with statistical analysis under the direction of an analyst. Develop code, processes, procedures, and documentation necessary to properly understand and reproduce research results.

• Model Implementation: Develop models, conclusions, and recommendations. Work with technical and analytical staff to deploy newly developed models into production.

• Statistical Reports: Create new reports, charts, tables, graphics, and other tools to deliver statistics, model predictions, and other information to Baseball Operations staff in concise and readable formats.

• Sabermetrics: Monitor new articles and discussions in sabermetric communities for developments applicable to front office decision making.

• Ad-hoc requests: Assist Baseball Analytics Department in extracting information from databases as needed.

• Other: Undertake other projects as assigned to support entire baseball department.


• Undergraduate (or higher) background in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or Economics.

• Experience with a relational database such as Microsoft SQL Server, and proficiency in SQL query language.

• Experience with Microsoft Excel, including pivot tables, charting, and macros.

• Experience with R, S-PLUS, Matlab, SAS, STATA, SPSS, or another statistical analysis software package.

• Background in common statistical techniques, including regression analysis and data mining.

• Ability to effectively analyze and interpret large amounts of data.

• Strong knowledge of baseball, particularly in sabermetrics.

• Ability to develop and maintain successful working relationship with members of the Front Office

• Ability to work with multicultural populations and a commitment to fairness and equality.

• Ability to act according to the organizational values at all times

• Ability to walk and / or stand for entire shift.

• Ability to work extensive hours, evenings, and weekends required

• Frequent bending, stooping, reaching and lifting.

• Ability to lift and transport items up to 55 lbs.

• Reads, speaks and comprehends English effectively.

• Hazards may include, but are not limited to, slips, trips, falls and cuts.

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14 Responses to “Job Listing: Indians Executive Development Fellow”

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  1. tylersnotes says:

    So this is ok, but if I say “Indian Fellow Wanted” on craigslist suddenly I’m a badguy. I don’t get it.

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  2. “Hazards may include, but are not limited to, slips, trips, falls and cuts.”

    I guess responsibilities also include scrappy utility infielder?

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  3. Mitch says:

    I’ve heard of database analysts doing “the heavy lifting” on a project before, but I didn’t think they actually meant the servers.

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  4. JDub says:

    It’s going to take a rare nerd/jock hybrid to meet the technical and physical demands of this job.

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  5. Ben says:

    Now I know why the Indians lost 90-plus games in 3 of the last 4 years…..

    Once this new hire is on board an 88 win season is in the bag!

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  6. dustygator says:

    That’s a skill set that’s worth $60k+. Who wants to guess the over/under for hat they are offering? 30k no benefits? (Un)paid internship?

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