Job Posting: Orioles Internship

The Baltimore Orioles are looking to hire a Baseball Analytics intern to work in our Baseball Operations Department. This individual will report to the Assistant Scouting Director and the Coordinator of Baseball Analytics.

The intern will primarily focus on compiling, maintaining and analyzing data to assist the department in its development of various statistical models for use in player evaluation, both in the amateur, pro, and international arenas, in addition to performing other baseball-related research projects.

Candidates must be able to communicate effectively with a diverse team of sports professionals and possess exceptional organizational and computer skills. Experience with Microsoft SQL Server and proficiency in statistical analysis software packages (such as R, SPSS, or Stats) are required. Candidates with a degree (undergrad or graduate) or extensive background in Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Econometrics, or Economics are preferred. A familiarity with current baseball research and analytics, especially the Pitch F/X system, is also preferred.

This one-year internship runs from January through the end of November, though the end date is flexible, and requires relocation to Baltimore, MD. Candidates must also be prepared to work long hours/weekends. Consideration will also be given to exceptional candidates who are only available for the summer. A monthly stipend is provided. If you are passionate about baseball, possess the necessary skills to succeed, and are driven to work in Major League Baseball, we would like to hear from you. Please forward your resume and cover letter to

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11 Responses to “Job Posting: Orioles Internship”

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  1. Grand Admiral Braun says:

    Informing Dan Duquette of Manny Machado’s hat size and RBI total should suffice.

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  2. Matt says:

    hey be nice. they’re trying, and thats what counts

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  3. reillocity says:

    Econometrics? Do the Orioles really think that the econometricians of the world would leave the sanctuary of their mother’s basements to work for them?

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  4. Guest says:

    Yeah they better start reading the Journal of Econometrics.

    “The Journal of Econometrics is designed to serve as an outlet for important new research in both theoretical and applied econometrics. The scope of the Journal includes papers dealing with estimation and other methodological aspects of the application of statistical inference to economic data, as well as papers dealing with the application of econometric techniques to substantive areas of economics. Econometric research in the traditional divisions of the discipline or in the newly developing areas of social experimentation are decidedly within the range of the Journal’s interests.”

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  5. Patrick says:

    This would have been a dream job for me out of school.

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  6. I Have No Knowledge says:

    Is knowledge worth having?

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  7. This guy says:

    “This one-year internship runs from January through the end of November”

    After which you will be promptly hired to fill the GM vacancy.

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  8. bigbigbuck says:

    I am completely unqualified for this job, but I would do it very well and help out the baltimore oriole’s organization tremendously.

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  9. Patrick says:

    SQL isn’t difficult, and SAS is easy once you get into the flow. I doubt they want someone to build the database from scratch, but rather run scripts to query data spit out from the SAS program. Duquette is just doing what every other GM on the planet is doing. It’s sad to see how far back in the ice age the O’s organization is and how much work it would take to turn it around. nonetheless, anyone with any stats skills, some free time, and lack of car payment would definitely find this to be a golden opportunity.

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