Job Posting: Yankees Web Developer

Web Developer – New York Yankees (Bronx, NY)

The New York Yankees organization is accepting applications for an entry to mid-level web developer in their Baseball Operations department. Candidate should have development experience with the .NET framework, C#, JavaScript, and Microsoft SQL Server.


  • Assist senior developers in the design and implementation of web-based tools and applications for senior baseball operations personnel
  • Update existing components to utilize newer client- and server-side frameworks
  • Test applications for cross-browser and cross-device compatibility
  • Write stored procedures and other database objects for MS SQL Server
  • Additional duties as assigned


  • Experience with database-driven web application development in ASP.NET/C#
  • Experience developing AJAX-based web applications with one or more of the following JavaScript frameworks: Prototype, jQuery, MooTools, ExtJS, YUI
  • Experience with HTML programming, particularly HTML5-based applications
  • An understanding of CSS and cross-browser web development techniques
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Visual Studio and source code management tools (Subversion, Git, TFS/VSS)
  • SQL skills developing complex queries, stored procedures, functions in Microsoft SQL Server or other relational databases


  • Model-View-Controller patterns (ASP.Net MVC, MonoRail, etc.)
  • O/R mapping (NHibernate, Fluent, Entity Framework, etc.)
  • HTML5 video, video codecs, transcoding, and streaming technologies
  • Microsoft SQL Server database administration
  • Configuration and administration of Internet Information Services
  • General IT technical support and troubleshooting
  • Statistical analysis techniques and statistical software
  • Baseball knowledge and knowledge of baseball statistics

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. 1. Yes/No: Do you have experience writing database-driven web applications, using ASP.Net/C#?

2. 2. Describe one data-driven web application you’ve developed and how you’ve utilized ASP.NET/C# and an RDBMS in its development?

3. 3. Yes/No: Do you have experience with at least one of the following JavaScript frameworks: Prototype, jQuery, MooTools, ExtJS, YUI?

4. 4. Describe your familiarity with the above JavaScript frameworks and how you have used them in your work.

5. 5. List any active websites you have developed or contributed a significant portion of the code to that might showcase your work.

6. 6. Describe your involvement in any public open-source projects.

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