Jonah Keri FanGraphs Chat – 2/7/11

By popular demand, we’re rolling out a weekly chat with Jonah. He’ll be hanging out and talking baseball (and other things) every Monday at noon. Make sure to ask him about New York bagels, which he’s a huge fan of..

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Jonah Keri is the author of The Extra 2%: How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First -- now a National Bestseller! Follow Jonah on Twitter @JonahKeri, and check out his awesome podcast.

7 Responses to “Jonah Keri FanGraphs Chat – 2/7/11”

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  1. thecodygriffin says:

    Pardon my outburst, but… Hell yah! Big fan.

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  2. AJS says:

    Agreed with Jonah. Montreal bagels are wholly superior to New York bagels (terrible pun intended).

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    • Sacrilege. There’s a reason you see “New York Style” bagel and pizza shops around the globe..not “Montreal Bagels” or “Chicago Pizza”…

      Hope Jonah will take some Youppi questions!

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      • Chris says:

        Oh you see Chicago pizza places all over, they’re just rarely a true Chicago style pizza… Real Chicago style is amazing. NY is good too, but nothing can compare to Chicago.

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      • AJS says:

        The reason you see “New York Style” bagels is because that’s the only style of bagel people in America know. It’s not like Wichita is famous for its bagels.

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      • Kellin says:

        You send me a Wichita bagel, and I promise to give it a fair shot

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      • tbad says:

        I’m from Wichita. Our bagels suck.

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