Leaderboard Feature: Positional Splits!

There are now splits options on the FanGraphs leaderboards that allow you to see exactly how a player performed at an individual position. These positional splits also include a Value tab, so you can see a player’s WAR totals and components at a specific position.

Please note that these are different from the existing positional filters, which filter on qualified players (25% of games played) at a particular position. The new splits will only show the stats for a player while he was playing a specific position.


This is particularly useful at the team and league level where you don’t want full season stats from players who play multiple positions in your leaderboard.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

11 Responses to “Leaderboard Feature: Positional Splits!”

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  1. BeckhamsTears says:

    Is it possible to combine splits? Say 1B and vs L?

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  2. Hank says:

    Very cool and useful upgrade!

    Any plans to reintegrate this back into the team level stats and positional filters or will you be sticking with the qualified player approach for those totals?

    Mostly a nitpick but it’s still a bit clumsy comparing teams position by position. Like comparing say the Jays 2nd baseman to the Rays 2nd baseman… you know which one is better but you want to get a true sense of how large that chasm is!

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    • This works on the team level too, so I believe what you’re looking for is already there.

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      • Hank says:

        Thanks for the response – maybe I’m doing something wrong? (which is probably likely!)

        If I go to team batting stats (vis LEADER/TEAM BATTING Stats pulldown) and say click on the 1B filter, the 2013 will show the O’s with 696PA’s and the Blue Jays will have 1155 PA’s (this is just Lind + Encarnacion and the DH PA’s showing up here) If you got to DH filter it will show a similar # of PA’s and WAR total for TOR (as both Lind and E3 qualify at both positions)

        Seems like the 2014 data is the same – The Rays already have 30GP, 100PA’s at the DH position (which I assume is multiple guys qualifying there and playing elsewhere in other games). Here’s the specific thing I’m looking at:


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        • Hank says:

          Ack… nevermind – as I predicted – I was indeed likely doing something stupid!

          I didn’t realize even if you click on the DH filter button (the old one), you still have to pull up the DH filter in the splits drop down.

          Thanks for the response. And once again, very nice and useful change!

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        • Great, seems like you figured it out! I would get rid of the old filters for teams, but if you’re looking for data prior to 2002, then the old positional filters is all we have and if you’re looking for data across multiple seasons starting prior to 2002, then they might still be useful.

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  3. Nate says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been wanting this feature for several years.

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