M.A.S.H. Report

Todd Zolecki looks at the Phillies pitchers (Romero, Lidge and Blanton) on the disabled list. Each pitcher looks to be returning no sooner than the first of May. The Phillies are looking to add some help from the waiver wire.

Looks like Brian Sanches of the Marlins should be ready to go off the DL on April 10th as he has a mild hamstring strain. He will be a welcome addition when he returns.

Fire Jim Bowden points out that the Nationals start the season with half of the team out of position due to players on the DL.

The Brew Town Beat looks at the ten greatest injuries in all sports. Only two baseball players made it, Robin Ventura at #7 and Jason Kendall at #2.

Met fans didn’t forget about last year and greeted the teams training staff on opening day.

Two of the newest players with injury news are Sammy Gervacio of the Astros (link) and Felix Pie of the Orioles (link). After a big push over the weekend to get everyone on the DL, the rate has slowed down. On average it is two people going on the DL each day. Here is a list of the average number of trips to the DL from 2002 to 2008:

March 46
April 104
May 78
June 70
July 59
August 67
September 11

Two of the Tiger’s top pitching prospects, Casey Crosby and Cody Satterwhite, are hurting with Satterwhite possibly being done for his career. TINSTAAPP

Programming note: I am looking to doing a series on different injury types and treatments. Let me know if there are any topics you would like to see covered.

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  1. don says:

    The Phils did, indeed, pick up Figueroa. Minor move but a good one.

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  2. RonDom says:

    Nitpicking, but…….. that Brew Crew list had three baseball players listed (and had Wrestling as a sport!?)

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  3. DL80 says:

    Tony Saunders. Didn’t have the cancer or amputation of Dravecky, but broke the same arm twice and had to retire at 26. Plus he got called out by Canseco as a roid user, despite no real evidence (not that it stopped Canseco from being right about basically everyone else).

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  4. Vladman1327 says:

    The Nationals’ players are not out of position because of an abundance of injured players. I’m pretty sure FJB is exaggerating anyway. Guzman, Morse, and Taveras are not starting, and Willingham is not starting at first base.

    The only significant Nationals’ batter on the DL is Jesus Flores. Trust me, though, I wish the Nats had an excuse for fielding a sucky team.

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