M.A.S.H. Report

Comings and Goings

Three of the 83 players that started the season on the disabled list have returned to playing in the majors:

Gil Meche – He was roughed up in his start on Sunday. 3.1 innings 7 runs on 8 hits and 3 walks. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was rushed coming back and will see more DL this season.

Jose Reyes – Just 2 for 8 with one extra base hit and a walk since he has returned. At least one of the Met’s walking wounded has come back.

Joel Hanrahan – Kinda a meh outing: 1.0 IP, 2 BB, 2 SO. I like him as a super dark horse to take over the Pirates closer role.

A few players joined the official ranks of the DL recently:

Brian Roberts – Strained abdominal muscle – The strain has been bothering him for a couple of days. Initial reports sound like it will take longer than the minimum 15 days to recover

Chris Young – Strained right shoulder – This is the same shoulder that he had surgery on this off season. The team currently plans on having him back after the required 15 days are up.

Aaron Hill – Tender right hamstring – Aaron hasn’t played since April 8th and isn’t 100%. He thinks he could play through the pain if needed, but there is no reason to jeopardize the rest of the season.

Miguel Montero – Sprained right knee – The true extent of injury is unknown and Chris Snyder will take over the full time catching duties.

Sean Green – Right intercostal muscle strain – Minor injury for the last man chosen for the Met’s Opening Day pen.

Brad Ausmus – Pinch nerve in lower back – Full extent of injury unknown.

Extending the Roster with the DL

Two players, Fred Lewis and Josh Fields, look like they are being kept on the DL because they are out of options. The Giants and the Royals would have to expose them to the waiver wire in order for them to be sent to the minors.

Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury News reports that Lewis is healthy, but being held at his rehab assignment as the team looks to move him. San Francisco has 6 outfielders currently on the roster so there is no need for him there. He has 20 days to rehab with a team, so he could be rehabbing for a couple more weeks as the team tries to move him.

Josh Fields of the Royals came away with a mystery injury at the end of Spring Training that no knew about until it was posted. After talking to several people close to the team, no one knows what is going on with Fields. As someone noted, he seems to have a case of “Notverygoodandoutofoptions-iatis”

Just a little manipulation by teams to extend the rosters.

Grading Calf Sprains

Jimmy Rollins went down with a Grade 2 calf sprain on Monday while warming up. I had to look up the extents myself, so I figured I would pass on this information from Dr. Nathan Wei. I looked at several websites and they all generally agree on extent and time frame.

Grade 1
• Stretching with some micro-tearing of muscle fibers.
• Recovery can be complete in about 2-3 weeks.

Grade 2
• Partial tearing of muscle fibers.
• Recovery can take up to 1-2 months.

Grade 3
• Complete tearing (rupture) of muscle fibers.
• Complete recovery can take more than 3 months.

If the initial reports are true, it looks like Rollins is out four to eight weeks. He under went an MRI on Tuesday to find out the exact damage. Some unsubstantiated reports say he is only going to be out 2 weeks, nothing official yet. I will post more data as it become officially available.

Rehabs Taking Longer

Ian Kinsler and Ted Lilly were to be coming off the DL soon, but both are not making much progress. Ian is finally able to take some fielding practice, while Ted was scratched from a rehab start on 4/11.

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  1. geo says:

    I don’t know why several people close to the team would say they don’t know what’s going on with Fields when the official word on the website is a right hip flexor strain. Are those actual team officials, or Royals bloggers speculating? Sure, he has notgooditis too, but the injury isn’t a mystery.

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  2. Ben says:

    Reyes had a double on Sunday against the Nats, just FYI

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  3. Grammar Nazi says:

    “I like him as a super dark horse to take over the ‘p’irates closer role.”

    Figured I’d point out a *SPELLING* flaw.


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    • Jason B says:

      Meh, I think I prefer to think of them as the “irates” now. If you had to watch a perpetual 90-100 loss team take the field year after year, you’d be pretty irate by now, too.

      Thus, the new name is more apt. Apt I say! APT!!!

      /Lisa Simpson’ed/

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      • Joser says:

        Well, there’s definitely “irates” involved, and arguably there’s “pee” too (at least, the irate fans must feel like they’ve been under a shower of it for years now), so… yeah.

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      • Grammar Nazi says:

        The error was an accidental case of lower case p.

        As in “pirates”, not “Pirates”.

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  4. Knox says:

    While the report from Dr. Wei on average time recovering from a calf sprain are interesting they are in no way indicative of how long rollins might be out of action. Those data points are for the general population, the injury to Rollins represents an injury to a professional athlete. Professional athletes have access to the very best medical care and were already in significant better shape than the general public. In general you’d have to compare average recovery times from athletes to really get a sense for how long Rollins may be out. Either way, we should also probably wait until after the results of the MRI are released to the general public, that report mentioned is prior to the MRI even being looked at…

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    • Joser says:

      Yes, presumably the “Grade” could change (up or down) depending on the MRI.

      The guidelines are still useful though, inasmuch as they give a sense of magnitude (however rough). When it comes to medicine, everyone is an individual, not an average.

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    • pounded clown says:

      yep, 4-8 weeks of -9.0 career WAR Castro stirred similar protests from me but the best policy is assume the worst.

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  5. Detroit Michael says:

    If the Royals can’t find a use for Josh Fields when Alex Gordon is on the DL, then maybe Josh Fields simply is no longer a useful player under any reasonably foreseeable set of circumstances.

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