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Marlins Tinker With Roster, Add Hayden Penn

Busy few weeks for the Florida Marlins on and off the field. Yesterday, the Fish completed two trades and rumor has it they could be interested in making another.

First up, trading a player to be named later to the Kansas City Royals for Ross Gload.

That player to be named later better not be anyone worthwhile. Gload’s dexterity likely has as much to do with this acquisition as anything. The Marlins already have Jorge Cantu and Wes Helms on the roster – not to mention Gaby Sanchez lurking – but all of them are right-handed corner infield types. Gload is essentially restricted to first base, and happens to sign documents using his left hand. Over the last three years, Gload has been a touch below average offensively and about average defensively. For a first baseman who has played, but probably shouldn’t play the outfield, that’s not good. Particularly curious are Gload’s splits, which don’t indicate the traditional platoon split that you would expect from a marginal first baseman. If everything goes right, Gload can be an average player off the bench; otherwise, this seems like an insignificant move, and one that raises some eyebrows given the release of a similar player in Dallas McPherson.

Kudos to Dayton Moore for finally getting rid of Gload, whether the PTBNL is a worthwhile asset or not is irrelevant, the dump is worth it.

The Marlins followed that up by dealing shortstop Robert Andino to the Baltimore Orioles for pitcher Hayden Penn.

It seems like just yesterday Penn was being talked about part of a potential A.J. Burnett deal. Fittingly, Penn finally lands with the Marlins, but well after the fact. Penn’s path to the majors has been largely derailed thanks to command issues. Penn throws a fastball that sits in the low-90s, a curve, and a change, and could find work in the Marlins bullpen. CHONE and ZiPS are unkind in their predictions, but the next time Penn has major league success will be the first time.

Andino is out of options and the Marlins have two of the better middle infielders around. Gone are the days of Alex Cintron, Luis Hernandez, Juan Castro, Brandon Fahey, and Freddie Bynum. Andy MacPhail has turned that horrendous group into Cesar Izturis and Andino.

The Marlins are also reportedly interested in Frank Catalanotto, who would act as a reserve outfielder. Catalanotto was released last night.