Matt Klaassen FanGraphs Chat – 8/24/11

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Matt Klaassen reads and writes obituaries in the Greater Toronto Area. If you can't get enough of him, follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Wachs says:

    Will Kubel pass through waivers? What is his trade value?

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  2. Wachs says:

    What is Kevin Slowey’s status this offseason? Any chance of him returning to Minnesota?

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  3. Wachs says:

    Heh. Yeah sorry. Wrong column.

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  4. Oasis says:

    Hi Klaasan, this “pseudo-fan” who spends nearly $2k on Cubs’ tickets every year is telling you to go fuck yourself. You fucking elitist prick. You’re hatred for everything about the Cubs is as predictable as insipid. Finally, fuck off and die you fucking asshole.

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