Maybe Maybin Time?

Cameron Maybin’s stay in the minors could be coming to an end soon. The Marlins’ collective centerfielders aren’t getting the job done, ranking in the bottom third of the league in offensive and defensive contributions. Meanwhile, Maybin has scorched Triple-A in his second month at the level. Overall, Maybin is hitting .323/.404/.452 with a homerun, four stolen bags, and a passable BB/K ratio.

Maybin is only 23-years-old and he’s outhitting the PCL average of .271/.341/.414 by a fair margin. Despite missing a few games after an altercation with an umpire, June has been Maybin’s month. Entering last night Maybin was hitting .377/.472/.492 in the month with a near 1:1 BB/K ratio. A nice contrast from Maybin’s May, in which he hit .270/.333/.413 and struck out twice as much as he walked.

Maybin spent about a month in the majors to begin the year, and according to Cots was just shy of 60 days of service time opening the season. That puts him in the ~90 days range, which means he’s about two and a half months from reaching a full year. With that in mind, the Marlins only have a few more weeks to wait until they can promote Maybin and avoid chipping away on his cost-controlled time.

There’s also the question of whether Maybin is indeed ready for major league action. Given a limited sample size of just under 200 plate appearances, Maybin has hit a pedestrian .242/.309/.345; although, the incumbent group of centerfielders is not doing much better, with a combined line of .272/.321/.443. If Maybin is able to make contact better than 70% of the time, he could do a lot better.

Maybin looks like a special talent, one the Marlins are going to be careful with. Being two games back of the Phillies is going to test the Marlins resolve on whether the extra help for a playoff push is worth the potential long-term cons.

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  1. t ball says:

    Why are comments not working for the Feliz post?

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  2. Pepe says:

    Maybin will likely stay in the minors until August/September. Cody Ross has taken over in CF and has an .838 OPS. So the marlins are likely going to leave Maybin down in AAA until he’s 100% ready to go the big leagues.

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    • Davidceisen says:

      Cody Ross is probably the Marlins second best hitter, but Maybin has more upside and would likely out perform Ross defensively in CF. Ross could be shifted to a corner spot.

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  3. Hizouse says:

    What part of Cody Ross’s .359 wOBA isn’t “getting the job done”?

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  4. Michael says:

    The fear I presume is that Maybin will struggle again and lose confidence, or something like that. The reality is that the Marlins don’t know how to manage the roster well and have an infatuation with Emilio Bonifacio. Moving to this season’s starting alignment of RF Ross, CF Maybin, and LF Hermida, and moving promising rookie Chris Coghlan back into the infield (where he played all his minor league games) would as solid a choice as any. Seems like they’re reluctant to put Coghlan in the infield or give up on Bonifacio and his speed tool.

    I personally think if anyone was going to get his lumps in the majors, it should be the team’s No. 1 prospect and not a utility infielder. Maybin appears to have shown he has very little issues with Triple-A pitching, so it’s natural he’d come up to the bigs. It’s not happening though.

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  5. Brennan says:

    Cody Ross is hitting .346/.369/.654 the month of June. Why would you want to replace him?

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  6. Ed Nelson says:

    Why get rid of Cody Ross? Well a 57/14 K/BB ratio with a -10.0 UZR150 would be a good place to start. He’s not having a good June. As of June 17th he was hitting .266 .315 .472 with 13HRs and a .983FLD%. Now he had a great 3 games where he went 8 for 13 with a homer but overall he’s Mike Cameron with less power and poor CF defense. The pure definition of replaceable.

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    • DavidCEisen says:

      Ross’s -10.0 UZR150 is in RF. His UZR150 in CF is -3.6, but his career UZR150 in CF is 3.9. Ross is probably an average or slightly above average defender, though Cameron Maybin is probably better.

      Every player looks worse when you take away their hot streaks, but even if Ross was still hitting .266/.315/.472 with 13 HRs he would be a good CF. Also Cody Ross has a career ISO about .032 points higher than Mike Cameron.

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  7. Ben says:

    Cody Ross is a guy who the entire team respects and is the glue of the team between the manager and the team. Sort of a Kevin Millar type. Coghlan belongs in the majors as seen with his obp in recent weeks. Hermida has grown this year as a player and has helped the team more this year than in past years. The team is over-crowded on offense and are in need to make a move in the near future. They bats galore in the minors and need some bullpen help. Emilio belongs as the utility guy that gets a start every 5 games. The inability to bring maybin up for good rests upon the rigidity of the infield. Uggla can only play 2nd and Cantu can only play 1st, we all saw how bad he was at 3rd last year. It would have been nice for interleague to have been starting now so Ross/Hermida could DH and Maybin to play CF but that isnt the case. I expect the Marlins to bring Maybin up right after the all-star break and platoon him with hermida for the rest of the season…or better yet they make a deal to move uggla or bonafacio for a RP.

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    • Michael says:

      The infield isn’t all that rigid. Uggla should be moved off of second base if somebody else, i.e. Coghlan, can play the position. Uggla’s UZR numbers have been up and down but can generally be seen as “he’s a poor second baseman.” Not knowing anything about his arm strength, the team should at least try Uggla at third base to hide his range problems. Coghlan can return to second, a position he played throughout the minors, and any number of outfield solutions (Maybin, starting Brett Carroll, acquiring Mark DeRosa) can be used. The key isn’t to replace Ross, who’s been excellent, or Hermida, who’s struggled but shows flashes, but to replace Bonifacio, who can’t play at this level at this time.

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      • Ben says:

        The Marlins attempted to move Uggla to 3rd in the offseason, Uggla resisted and stayed at 2B. He belongs at 3rd and Coghlan belongs at 2B. About trading for DeRosa, I do not see that happening due to the fact that the Marlins need bullpen help bad. Their best reliever is Kiko Calero, currently on the DL b/c of overuse. It puzzles me on why the Marlins havent sent Bonifacio down to the minors and bring up Gabby Sanchez, other than the fact that it leaves the team with only one speed guy (Coghlan). It doesnt seem as though Uggla will be traded this seaon due to the Marlins still in the hunt. The offseason should be another fun one in Miami, with Cantu/Uggla on the chopping block.

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  8. Rich says:

    In 43 games in CF this year Cody Ross has the top slug % of all CF in NL….his ZR has him 8th. Have you even seen a game that he has played in person? Do you know what kind of break he gets on the ball? What kind of routes he takes? Have you spoken with scouts that have watched him play CF this year? Making a determination on a players worth strictly on statistics doesn’t always give you an accurate value of a players worth. Ignoring statistics when making a judgement is lazy.

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  9. Rich says:

    One more point. Hopefully you subtracted the 25 games Maybin played CF for the Marlins when you state “Marlins CF aren’t getting the job done” Otherwise you are proposing to replace those CF’s with The CF who’s #’s bring the collective CF’s #’s down.

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  10. Per says:

    A solid chance to make the playoffs, if you’re a team like the Fish, is absolutely worth a long-term con like Maybin’s service time.

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  11. miked says:

    watch a game guys… the one prob with this site is as important as stats are they are not the say all. thats why they have mlb scouts bc u have to acutally see the player play the game.. mlb tv, 80 bucks !!!! watch a game and learn how its supposed to be played….. and as for maybin, baseball isnt like other sports you cant just let a youngster take his “LUMPS” theres a big risk in that especially if he doesnt have the mental makeup just yet… i think sanchez will get the call when they are done with bonafacio and then a little later on maybin will get the call.. cody ross is a gamer and a big power bat at the bottom of the lineup

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