Mike Newman Prospects Chat – 12/21/12

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Mike Newman is the Owner/Managing Editor ofROTOscouting, a subscription site focused on baseball scouting, baseball prospects and fantasy baseball. Follow me onTwitter. Likeus on Facebook.Subscribeto my YouTube Channel.

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  1. Marver says:

    Mike — oversight that you left Gyorko off all those lists of guys set to arrive?

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    • Mike Newman says:

      To a point, yes, but I’m not sold on him. Bad body and he has not posted strong numbers in more neutral environments.

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      • Amish_Willy says:

        One aspect about the neutral ballpark with Gyorko is the timing. In 2011, he got the call late in the season to San Antonio, started off slow over the first couple of weeks then performed much better only to see the season end. In 2012 it was much of the same at San Antonio, except this time the season didn’t end, he just got promoted.

        The numbers I was referring to at San Antonio:

        July (116 PA) – .257/.336/.356 (2 hr)
        Aug/Sep (149) – .311/.376/.481 (5 hr)

        (1st 65 PA) -.204/.338/.278 (1 hr)
        (Next 84 PA) .302/.357/.539 (5 hr)

        I wouldn’t put too much weight in the neutral environments considering the above points.

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  2. ap says:

    Small correction: Paco Rodriguez was the first 2012 draftee to make it.

    Comment From Peter Shammons
    Who will be first player from the latest draft to make the Show?

    Mike Newman: My bet would be Zunino

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  3. k says:

    ^^^ beat me to it

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  4. ieiueous says:

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