Mike Newman Prospects Chat – 2/22/13

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Mike Newman is the Owner/Managing Editor ofROTOscouting, a subscription site focused on baseball scouting, baseball prospects and fantasy baseball. Follow me onTwitter. Likeus on Facebook.Subscribeto my YouTube Channel.

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  1. hanstone says:

    With the #1 pick in my Dev draft, my choices are J. Baez, C.Correa, B. Buxton. I’m all in on Baez. Thoughts? Is D. Bundy good enough to take with pick #2 or #3?

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  2. Vic says:

    Could you please rank Kolton Wong, Brad Miller, Grant Green, Christian Colon in terms of fantasy ceiling & floor?

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  3. Vic says:

    Does Max Kepler need one more good season before he arrives on a fantasy radar that can keep players for a max of 4 years?

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  4. Buck says:

    Mike’s chats are my favorite on Fangraphs, but I hope he realizes it’s “Taveras” and not “Tavares” sometime before the guy becomes ROY. Maybe it’s just a fat-finger thing, but he gets it wrong at least once almost every week!

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    • Mike Newman says:

      Thanks Buck. Point taken. I’m not always the best with names — Especially in a rapid fire chat format where I’m forced to change on a dime.

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      • Buck says:

        Understand, and to be fair, the questioner this week also misspelled it, probably leading you astray. Hope to run into you at a Huntsville Stars game sometime this year -

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  5. Jeff K says:

    I had to laugh when you said mentioned Nick Franklin gained 35lbs and seemed to believe that. No is gaining 35 lbs, even 20 lbs, in an offseason unless most of it is fat. And I saw Franklin play last year in AAA, and then got his autograph a few weeks ago at M’s FantasyFest- I’d be surprised if he gained 15 lbs. Regardless, few people seem to think he’ll stick at SS.

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  6. BookBook says:

    Montero breaks the 20-80 scale for speed as well. In a race, Could Hamilton reach home before Montero got to first?

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  7. Brandon says:

    Lot’s of talk about the top tier prospects, but I’d be curious if you have any hunches for the next Taveras. Every time I read something about Gabriel Guerrero (SEA-OF) or Jorge Bonifacio (KC-OF) I smile with delight.

    Any insight?

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  8. Jack says:

    Glad to see more than just myself saying Trevor Bauer is overrated. Agreed completely with the assessment that he’s a quality pitcher probably but far from elite.

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  9. Jack says:

    Candidate for the whole Cano thing: Javier Baez. G’luck with that, but he should be high up on the list of guys who might pull it off.

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  10. Jack says:

    AND a Gregorious optimist? Newman is going after my heart.

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