Mike Newman Prospects Chat – 2/8/13

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  1. Matt says:

    What is Brett Pill’s ceiling? Does he get enough AB’s out of the DH spot this year to be useful?

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    • Samurai Jack says:

      Pill’s ceiling is .300/.380/.475 with plus defense at shortstop. The biggest question is if he can find time to play with a stacked infield and early reports indicate he will start the year in AAA. It’s not the worst thing to delay service time with a legit top 3 overall prospect, though.

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    • Ryan Gosling says:

      Pill has the tools, specifically one 80 tool, to become a star. He showed some contact issues in the Low A but he has enough patience to draw walks. If he can show better pitch recognition he might become a plus hitter. Either way his 80 power is extremely impressive. He might not stick at third base long-term and some scouts see him as a corner outfielder where he can show off his plus arm strength.

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  2. Schide says:

    Wonderful. Can anyone tell me how to get this thing to scroll down so I can actually read it?

    Stupid polls.

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  3. Doug says:

    Can you guys switch to a chat format that’s iphone friendly?

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  4. Michael Kerry says:

    These multi-writer chats are awesome! Thanks guys.

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