Mike Newman Prospects Chat – 4/12/13

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  1. Maxamuz says:

    Adrian Beltre for Alex Gordon and Jason Kipnis. Who wins?

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  2. Tommy says:

    Matt Holliday 24-27yo in COL
    Home .364/.445/.662 164wRC+
    Road .273/.333/.438 100wRC+
    Cargo’s 24-27yo in COL
    Home .352/.432/.639 165wRC+
    Road .261/.318/.444 102 wRC+
    Matt Holliday in the four years since leaving COL
    Home .308/.398/.530 155wRC+
    Road .299/.377/.536 136wRC+
    Matt Holliday in COL
    Matt Holliday in STL

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  3. CabreraDeath says:

    MIke: Wyatt Matheson, right?

    I”m not sure I’m spelling his name right, but yeah, us Bucs fans are pretty pumped about him.


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  4. kab21 says:

    Middlebrooks is the only prospect that has done anything since I traded him away for a misc veteran 3 yrs ago. I’m still not convinced he won’t struggle but it appears that he will have a solid MLB career.

    I thought the same thing about Wladimir Balentien (Lastings Milledge) when watching the WBC. He has a good thing going in Japan and he would have to battle for a starting position in the majors. A quick note – foreign earned income is only exempt from US taxes up to 92,500/yr.

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  5. kab21 says:

    Forgot to make a comment about Gattis mania getting out of hand. It’s a great story that any baseball fan has to enjoy though.

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  6. Raj says:

    Zunino v. d’Arnaud. Too tough to call? It seems like Zunino has passed d’Arnaud by.

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