Mike Newman Prospects Chat – 8/30/12

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Mike Newman is the Owner/Managing Editor ofROTOscouting, a subscription site focused on baseball scouting, baseball prospects and fantasy baseball. Follow me onTwitter. Likeus on Facebook.Subscribeto my YouTube Channel.

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  1. Dirck says:

    What is your take on Gyorko ? He has put up big hitting numbers in hitters parks and leagues in the California League and now the PCL , but in between he was pretty medicre in AA ( San Antonio ?) There seems to be a lot of doubt that he can play 2B , but 3B is taken by Headley and San Diego is a tough hitter’s park.

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  2. everdiseaux says:

    So when did the Nationals make AA Harrisburg one of their rookie affiliates? Otherwise your statement that Rendon was in injury plagued player in “short season ball” was the dumbest comment on this site in months. He’s been there for a month I guess you didn’t get the memo.

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  3. Dale says:

    “Bundy’s aunt” LOL

    Great stuff, Newmie! That’s an interesting point, asserting that the Braves consciously lean towards pitching over hitting as a philosophical stance. I’ve gotta say, I dig it!

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  4. BoSox says:

    This is the best chat on the net. I look forward to it every week! thanks and keep up the good work.

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