Minor League Leaderboards: New Features!

The Minor League leaderboards have been overhauled and now have a ton of new features including:

- Filtering by individual team.

- Custom stat lists, just like the major league leaderboards.

- The ability to group stats over multiple leagues.

- Custom player lists, allowing players to be easily compared.

- Custom reports let you save your custom stats / players for easy retrieval.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

14 Responses to “Minor League Leaderboards: New Features!”

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  1. MauerPower says:

    This is why I keep returning to Fangraphs. Excellent job Mr. Appelman.

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  2. Kyle says:

    Awesome, well done!

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  3. ElJosharino says:

    Holy crap.

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  4. Stuart says:

    Thank you!

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  5. BoSoxFan says:

    Four words Best.Stats.Site.Ever.

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  6. ray says:

    how do I get league averages for each minor league? I was able to get it here before, but have no idea how I got it.
    Can anyone help?

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  7. gabriel says:

    This is great. I see a lot of the affiliation issues have been fixed as well, but I note that the Bluefield Jays in the Appy, for example, are still with the Orioles. Just a heads-up, thanks again.

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  8. bill73083 says:

    This is really cool! Is there any way to filter minor league players by age? For example, it might nice to see how everyone under 25 did in AAA.

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  9. Dan says:

    Can you add a player age column between season and team for each player? Similar to the way B-Ref does it. Thanks!

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  10. MarkFD says:

    David great tool thanks!

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  11. VonHayes says:

    Another feature on the Fangraphs Minor League Leaderboard that would be awesome would be the ability to filter according to parent MLB team. If you had a drop-down containing each of the 30 MLB teams, then you could show all the players in a team’s farm system in one list. This could allow users to quickly and easily take a look at the top performers in any given team’s entire system.

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