My Team: Now With Projections

The new My Team feature now lets you view your team’s projections. Just click on the “My Projections” link right next to the “My Team” link when you’re logged in and you’ll see the 2009 projections for any player that is on your team, assuming the projection is available.

Just like the My Team feature, you can share your My Team projections with anyone you like by just giving them the web address. For example: Here are the 2009 projections for my fantasy team last year.

To get a customized projection list all you need to do is register and start adding players!

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

8 Responses to “My Team: Now With Projections”

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  1. Tom Au says:

    As a matter of policy, I don’t like to register by giving my date of birth at this, or any other site because of the potential for identity theft. But if you need a declaration that I am over the age of 13, or 18, or whatever, I can certainly give that.

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  2. FanGraphs Supporting Member

    Tom, you don’t need to put in your actual birthdate, it’s not like we’re going to try and verify it or anything, you just need to make it so you’re older than 13.

    Second, we don’t use your birthdate for anything except verifying you’re over the age of 13 and unless you publicly display it no one can see it. I think the forum was setup to send out birthday e-mails by default at one point, but we don’t do that anymore.

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  3. Rob says:


    It looks awesome. Thanks for adding this. I’ll be a huge boon when deciding who to keep for my fantasy team.


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  4. JWay says:

    Wow that is really cool! Keep up the awesome work!

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  5. SteveL says:

    Fabulous work, guys.

    Do you think it will be possible to load of more than one team?

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  6. FanGraphs Supporting Member

    Yep! Multiple teams are in the works.

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  7. duder says:

    Can you make it have a TOTAL at the bottom, so we can see what our projected team’s totals might look like?

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  8. SP says:

    I had a horrific fantasy experience this year. In a 16 team league I had

    A-Rod – not a typical season from him, also missed 3 weeks
    Carlos Lee – missed last two months (Came in Bedard trade)
    Ian Kinsler – season ending injury in mid-Aug (Traded Aaron Hill to get him)
    Justin Morneau
    Upton – missed 2 months
    Rafael Furcal – season ending injury in May (Came in Bedard trade)
    Ryan Church – concussion problems throughout season (early pick up)
    Alexei Ramirez (mid-season pick up)

    Bedard (Traded with Michael Young to get Carlos Lee and Kinsler early in the season)
    E. Santana (early pickup)
    Marcum – missed a bunch of time and had season ending injury
    Saunders (early pickup)
    Sherrill (pre-season pickup)

    I’d say that’s a pretty ridiculous core of players for a competitive 16 team league but all the injuries KILLED me. I’m still pissed about it.

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