New (and Great) Sabermetric Resources

Those familiar with this site probably know who Graham MacAree is. If not, his dossier reads something like this:

– Inventor of tRA (and subsequently tERA)
– Writes at Lookout Landing
– Uses diction like he salutes the Union Jack while singing along to God Save the Queen

It’s time to add another bullet to that list. Graham is now playing the role of the ice cream man and giving us a different flavor of sabermetric goodness on a daily basis over at LL. The complete archive of the aptly named Sabermetrics 101 feature can be found here, with the most recent post covering financial and roster constraints. The work is top-notch as the posts aren’t too detailed or long, but provide enough information and knowledge to understand what the heck the topic means.

Graham’s series isn’t the only primer set in town, though. My former colleague – and one of the new sabermetrics-orientated writers whose future I’m geeked about – Steve Slowinski rolled out the Sabermetric Library. This is the link to Slowinski’s introduction of the site and here is a direct link to the Library. Basically, any stat from this site that you can think of has a page with details, links, and even some illustrations through tables.

I’d also recommend Alex Remington’s fantastic series on Big League Stew and Michael Jong’s series of posts, too. Purple Row has also featured some excellent primers and just recently this meta-primer on wOBA popped up throughout the land. Appreciate the work put forth by these folks. Not just for our purposes, but for the next baseball fan yearning to take a dip into the sabermetrics’ side of the pool but with no concept of where to begin.

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Steve Slowinski

Thanks for the publicity RJ. There’s been a huge push in saber-ed articles these past couple weeks, with Graham’s really setting the bar. I hope we can keep this stuff accessible to people; the more accessible the stats are, the more people are going to start listening to them.

If anyone has ideas on how I can improve the Library, feel free to email me or post something on the site. It’s definitely still a work in progress.