New Year’s Day Fan Projection Targets: Decade Leaders

Today, we enter a new decade, which will be only the second decade in the FanGraphs Value Wins era. Let’s start off the new decade by adding some more projections for the career leaders in Value Wins: Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, and Roy Halladay.

Albert Pujols has tallied 63.5 value wins in 5406 plate appearances since 2002, and is the leader in batter value wins and overall value wins. In 2003, he compiled 9.0 WAR, his best season of the era.

Alex Rodriguez has tallied 59.6 value wins in 5364 plate appearances since 2002. In 2002, he compiled 9.8 WAR, his best season of the era.

Roy Halladay has tallied 49.6 value wins in 1710.1 IP since 2002, and is the leader in pitcher value wins. In 2003, he compiled 8.0 WAR, his best season of the era.

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  1. Father Time says:

    Obama is a Socialist! I’ve had enough, I’m going to watch TMZ now.

    Can you guys filter some of your ads so this crap doesn’t show up? It’s fine that you guys have ads but some of this stuff is really annoying and turning me off to the site.

    Happy New Year.

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  2. Suckit says:

    Just get an ad blocker dbag

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    • Mike says:

      Um no don’t. Fangraphs is a free site partially because of the revenue generated by advertisements. People that use ad blockers and then complain that their favorite site is now pay based are the definition of hypocritical.

      I have never, and will never, use an ad blocker.

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      • Chris says:

        If you aren’t going to click the add regardless, why not block it and speed up your webs surfing load times?

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  3. Bryz says:

    Hello fellow junior majoring in math!

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  4. skillings24 says:

    Since when is fangraphs a soapbox? Get the correct outlet FT.

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  5. PL says:

    Didnt Adrian Beltre have a 10.0 WAR year in 2004?

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  6. Juan says:

    Could someone tell me why FanGraphs Value Wins era only covers years 2002 forward? I assume there are problems with the collection of data from years prior to 2002.

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    • Kevin S. says:

      Yes, some components of WAR (such as UZR) cannot be calculated back beyond ’02.

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    • Nick0rz says:

      Since it takes into account UZR, and UZR only goes back to 2002. You can use offensive runs, and then use a different defensive measure that goes back to calculate it yourself.

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