New York Meetup Sunday

Hey come hang out with FanGraphs, AmazinAvenue, RiverAvenueBlues and friends on Sunday, September 25th, at Amity Hall any time after one PM eastern.

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We’ll put on both baseball games and the football giants at one, and Amity Hall has a great beer selection on tap. With this colorful cast, you’re assured at least one interesting conversation. Hint: it won’t come from me.

David Appelman, FanGraphs Dark Overlord, so dark
Mike Podhorzer, Serious about (fantasy) baseball, RotoGraphs
Eno Sarris, Fan of Graphs, Fan, Not and Roto
Niv Shah, ottoneu founder and Cleveland Midges fan
Craig Glaser, Bloomberg Sports’ goggled superhero and Mets fan
Amanda Rykoff, espnW contributor, beer lover and Yankees fan
James Kannengeiser, professional curmudgeon and Amazin Avenue writer
Chris McShane, Amazin Avenue backbone, ready to dance
Eric Simon, Amazin Avenue head honcho guy, generally nice dude
Mike Axisa, aka “Mike from RAB, FanGraphs & Trade Rumors,” you know, just Mike
Ben Kabak, River Avenue Blues! Second Avenue Sagas!
Joe Pawlikowski, music lover, FanGraphs escapee and River Avenue Blueser

If you are under 21 years old, you may come to the event, but you’ll have to check in with me. The bar may want you to wear a bracelet to identify you. Annoying, but at least you’ll get to hang out and have burgers and sodas. There is no covercharge for this event.

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Graphs: Baseball, Roto, Beer, brats (OK, no graphs for that...yet), repeat. Follow him on Twitter @enosarris.

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5 years 7 days ago

How late will you guys be there?

5 years 7 days ago

im hanging the entire time until they throw me out either because it’s too late or I’m too drunk or I’m annoying too many patrons……

Dandy Salderson
Dandy Salderson
5 years 7 days ago

Ill be there, probably around 5ish, to fulfill two of my life’s goals:

1. Buying canonballer a beer
2. Seeing Eno’s hair up close.