No, Really? Arroyo?

Bronson Arroyo‘s name is suddenly popping up in trade rumors. One source reported a deal with the Yankees was imminent, but it turns out that was nothing more than a rumor. Nothing is going down, at least not yet, but apparently Arroyo is on the Yankees’ list of potential moves.

Wait a sec…a team is actually interested in Bronson Arroyo? Really? The Bronson Arroyo of the 5.49 FIP? Arroyo hasn’t been very good since 2006, which also happened to be the season he was sent through the meat grinder. For some reason he was allowed to pitch 240 innings for the non-contending Reds that year, and former GM Wayne Krivsky signed him to a 2-year $25 million extension. He has since been your run of the mill league average innings-eater, but has really hit the wall this season. His strikeouts are down, his walks are up and he’s allowing 1.6 homers per nine. Moving from Cincy to the new Yankee Stadium would likely only exacerbate the case of acute gopheritis. The Yankees are pretty much lock for the playoffs as things stand, there’s no point in them adding Arroyo, even if he modestly rebounds as ZiPS projects him to. (4.66 FIP over the rest of the season.)

Arroyo is probably a 1.5 WAR pitcher next year but is going to get paid like a 2.5 WAR pitcher. He’s due $4 million the rest of the season, $11 million the next season and has a $11 option the following season, with a $2 million buyout. It’s hard to fathom that his option would get picked up. Unless the Reds are willing to eat the vast majority of his salary, any GM trading for Bronson Arroyo should be immediately fired for incompetence. It would be essentially be paying for the privilege of flushing $6 million down the toilet.

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  1. Sam says:

    Yeah, Brandon Arroyo is pretty useless for any contending team.

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  2. Joe R says:

    Man I would love to see this happen as a Sox fan. Maybe trade Austin Jackson to Cinci.

    Make my day.

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  3. Nick says:

    Yeah, but he does a mean version of “Hero” by Nickelback and the dude from Saliva.

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  4. Cory says:

    Any team that makes a trade for Arroyo are probably going to expect the Reds to pay a lot of his remaining salary. That being said I can’t see how using Arroyo as a 5th starter can be any worse than the Smoltz experiment in Boston.

    Also, the team that makes this deal will not be sending one of their top prospects, like Austin Jackson.

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    • Sam says:

      I generally agree, but everything about Smoltz points to improvement in future (K/BB ratio, strand rate, BABIP), whether or not it happens in the little time left. Nothing about Arroyo points to any improvement of any kind.

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  5. Joltin' Joe says:

    If the Reds eat all except maybe $1MM or so left over, he at least gives the Yanks another backup before Igawa. Bronson is better than replacement… Kei not so much.

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  6. Judy says:

    The Yankees score enough runs that they could start Igawa every 5th day and get away with it. The only starters they should bother to even consider are ones who would be likely to improve their playoff rotation.

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  7. Jason T says:

    Joe R- You’re right. All those shI**y late-90′s early-00′s run together on me.

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  8. Andy S says:

    Sorry, even as a Yankee fan, I don’t see us as a lock.

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  9. GoReds75 says:

    Arroyo and Janish to Texas for Teagarten and Andrus makes alot of sense. The Rangers would get a proven winner and and elite defender while the Reds would get guys who could compete for catcher and shortstop. Get it done Jocketty.

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  10. Mark says:

    This will be a great move only if the Yankees can bring back Bernie too. They would be a set of drums from a great band.

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  11. Doug says:

    But… but… Mike Francesca says he’s a winner!

    Peter Abraham says the Yankees have shot down any Arroyo rumors.

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  12. RollingWave says:

    Arroyo would be a ok gamble for the Yankees if this was the last year of his contract. yes he’s not good but they could roll the dice and hope that he gets hot for 2 month (see Chacon, Shawn) but since they’re stuck with him next year at 11M and a 2M buyout after that. no way this is happening.

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