Offseason Notes: A Brief Guide to the Caribbean Series

Today’s edition of Offseason Notes concerns the Caribbean Series entirely.

Programming Note: Caribbean Series Begins Today
As noted previously in this column, the Caribbean Series begins today in Santo Domingo.

The first game, between Aragua (of the Venezuelan Winter League) and Mayaguez (Puerto Rican Winter League) begins at 1:45pm ET. Obregon (Mexican Pacific League) and Escogido (Dominican Winter League) play later in the day, at 5:55pm ET.

On Why the Series Is Noteworthy, Part I
First of all, because it’s live baseball in February.

On Why the Series Is Noteworthy, Part II
Because it features major leaguers (Wilson Ramos) playing alongside prospects (Eddie Rosario of the Twins) playing alongside players who were excellent in 1999 (Edgardo Alfonzo, Fernando Tatis) playing alongside Karim Garcia.

On Why the Series Is Noteworthy, Part III
Because the stadium is generally full; the fans, spirited.

On Watching the Caribbean Series, Part I
It appears as though every game of the Series — which features doubleheaders every day between now and Tuesday the 7th — is available on ESPN3.

On Watching the Caribbean Series, Part II
Please note that all broadcasts of the Series appear scheduled to be very much en Español.

Item: Online English-Spanish Baseball Dictionary
Courtesy author Ralph Insinga, Baseball-Reference serves as a home to both a English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English dictionary — specifically from the Latin-American perspective.

Here are some helpful entries:

lanzador — n.m. pitcher; hurler
carne en pote — n.f. meatball; hanging pitch; floater
Rey de Jonrones — n.m. Home Run King

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  1. Arturo Ruiz says:

    And if you’re interested on the numbers for all of the Dominican Winter League for the 2011-2012 season, you can head over to and play with them, as much as you would here at fangraphs.

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  2. Salo says:

    Good Carson, Obregon is the Mexican team and Escogido de Dominican one. I am from Mexico City and this note was usefull because I had no idea what “Carne en el Pote” ment.

    And yes, it´s of worth to note that Karim Garcia also plays alongside a friend of mine who works sales light switches the from February to October and plays the Mexican Pacific League the rest of the year

    How´s my English writing?

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