Offseason Notes for October 27th

White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, seen here enjoying his vast wealth.

Assorted Headlines
Cardinals Exercise Wainwright’s 2012 and ’13 Options
During this postseason run, the Cardinals officially notified Adam Wainwright and his agent that his options for 2012 and 2013 have been exercised, Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. Wainwright will make $9 million in 2012 and $12 million in 2013. He’s scheduled to throw his final side session of the year today, and plans to do so at maximum effort.

Red Sox Likely to Pick Up Scutaro’s Option
Ben Cherington believes Marco Scutaro would be “very coveted” this offseason if he got onto the market, said the new Boston GM in a recent press conference (according to notes from same by Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors). As part of our contract crowdsourcing series, 61.9% of FanGraphs respondents felt that the Sox would pick up the shortstop’s option, which now appears to be the likely outcome.

White Sox Restaurant Paid for With Millions of Public Funding
It will not shock you to learn that taxpayer dollars were used to construct a restaurant (called Bacardi at the Park) from which the Chicago White Sox are now the only profiters. What may at least make you giggle is how little regard former governor Jim Thompson has for your intelligence.

From the article by Jared Hopkins of the Trib:

The Illinois Sports Facilities Authority agreed with White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf that the agency should not share in any restaurant profits.

“We said to Jerry, ‘Jerry can we have part of the profits?’ and he said no,” former Gov. Jim Thompson, who was the agency’s board chairman when the deal was made, said in an interview. “We said, OK.’

“I’ve known Jerry for 52 years. He’s tough. He’s tough.”

That was a smart business move by Jerry Reinsdorf, saying “no” like that, yes?

SCOUT Leaderboards: Venezuelan Winter League
Regarding the Venezuelan Winter League
Unlike the Mexican Pacific League, the leaderboards for which we looked at on Tuesday, the Venezuelan Winter League (VWL) is rich with minor leaguers from affiliated baseball — including, for example Minnesota’s Joe Benson, Arizona’s Collin Cowgill, and Seattle’s Alex Liddi. There are also former major leaguers from Venezuela, such as Met Edgardo Alfonzo and Astro Richard Hidalgo.

Batting Leaderboard
Here is the SCOUT batting leaderboard for the VWL. SCOUT is the average of a player’s standard deviations from the VWL mean in three important (and regressed) stats: walk rate, strikeout rate, and home-run rate. (Click here for more on SCOUT.)

Name Org PA xBB% xK% xHR% BBz Kz HRz SCOUT
Seth Bynum WAS 46 12.0% 17.7% 2.8% 0.25 0.16 0.26 0.22
Luis Jimenez SEA 58 10.9% 18.2% 3.3% 0.07 0.09 0.48 0.22
Kole Calhoun LAA 53 12.2% 18.2% 2.7% 0.27 0.09 0.24 0.20
Gregor Blanco WAS 56 14.0% 18.5% 2.0% 0.55 0.05 -0.02 0.20
Josh Satin NYN 47 15.5% 20.9% 2.1% 0.78 -0.30 0.00 0.16
Darwin Perez LAA 37 11.0% 15.5% 1.8% 0.09 0.48 -0.10 0.16
Jose Altuve HOU 41 10.3% 15.7% 2.1% -0.02 0.45 0.02 0.15
Alexi Amarista LAA 55 12.1% 16.6% 1.7% 0.25 0.32 -0.14 0.14
Lorenzo Cain KC 37 10.5% 16.2% 2.1% 0.01 0.38 0.03 0.14
Bryan LaHair CHN 47 12.0% 22.3% 3.7% 0.24 -0.49 0.64 0.13

Pitching Leaderboard
For pitchers, SCOUT is the average of a player’s standard deviations from the VWL mean in (regressed) strikeout and walk rate.

Name Org G GS IP BF xK% xBB% Kz BBz SCOUT
Dylan Owen NYN 4 2 13.0 50 23.6% 8.4% 0.50 0.05 0.28
Sergio Perez HOU 3 3 13.2 51 24.2% 8.7% 0.57 -0.03 0.27
Deunte Heath CHA 3 3 12.1 54 23.0% 8.3% 0.43 0.07 0.25
Josh Wilkie WAS 6 0 6.1 19 22.9% 8.3% 0.41 0.07 0.24
Jarrett Grube SEA 2 2 11.0 41 22.7% 8.3% 0.40 0.06 0.23
Frank Mata FLA 4 0 6.2 28 22.5% 8.5% 0.37 0.02 0.19
Kendy Batista IND 8 0 8.0 28 22.4% 8.5% 0.36 0.02 0.19
Chad Reineke CIN 3 3 14.2 66 21.6% 8.3% 0.26 0.07 0.16
Josh Schmidt NYA 2 2 10.2 42 22.0% 8.7% 0.31 -0.02 0.15
Joe Bisenius CHA 2 2 9.2 39 21.7% 8.5% 0.28 0.01 0.15

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5 Responses to “Offseason Notes for October 27th”

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  1. Paul says:

    Do you 99 percenters never stop!? Jerry Reinsdorf is a job creator. : )

    The sad thing about that convo by the ex-guv is that his summary he left out how these conversations really go these days:

    Guv: “Jer, if we’re gonna – I mean if taxpayers are gonna put up the money, we need to get sometin’ back, maybe a partnership.”

    Reiny: “No.”

    Guv: “Well damn, Jer. I know you’re a Chi-town guy, but ya can’t just torch a nego like that before we even get started!”

    Reiny: “Just did. Anything else?”

    Guv: “Damn, yer tough! Tough I tell ya! …. well, I’m not runnin’ again, but did you see the papers where they said the party’s coffers are a little dry?”

    Reiny: “Don’t care.”

    Guv: “Ah! Tough, man! Come on now work with me here…. if you want to keep open state financing for a WHOLE NEW park in the future, surely you wanna kick in a few thou to the party, right?”

    Reiny: “I’ll send over ten thousand. Note I didn’t say I’ll go to lunch with some party hack. I’m just sending a check.”

    Guv: “Man, you are a tough guy, Jer. Good doin’ bidness with ya!”

    Reiny: Click.

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  2. MikeS says:

    If memory serves, Jim Thompson (then Governor) was instrumental in getting the Illinois legislature to agree to use public funds to build US Cellular Field (ne: New Comiskey Park) when the White Sox threatened to move to Tampa and cash in on all the fans the Rays now have – in retrospect, not much in the way of leverage but it worked. Thompson worked the legislators, many of whom wore Cardinals or Cubs caps to the session to indicate how little they cared if the White Sox left and he stopped the clock at 11:59 to legally get the legislation passed before the midnight deadline although I understand that is done fairly commonly.

    Despite all this, Thompson is one of the less corrupt Governors in Illinois history. Real fact: over the last 100 years more than half of Illinois Governors have done jail time. Over the same time period, the conviction rate on a murder charge in Illinois is slightly less than 50%. Therefore it can be truly said that in Illinois you have a better staying out of if you kill somebody than if you get elected governor.

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    • There’s a comedian in Madison who does a joke in that same vein.

      It goes something like this:

      “Nine out of the last 10 Illinois governors have been convicted of crimes.

      Some people will say that only 10% of Illinois governors aren’t crooks. I prefer to say that the State Police are 90% effective.”

      Something like that.

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  3. Kyle says:

    Holy shit, Jim Thompson. Good talking!

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  4. The Nicker says:

    Free Lorenzo Cain

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