Offseason Notes for September 30th

These kids are totally unaware of the exercise in joy that is the offseason.

Offseason Notes: An Introduction
On What Is This Thing
While the playoffs begin Friday, they do so only for eight teams — meaning that a considerably greater number of teams (22, it seems, provided this abacus isn’t broken) and their fans have entered that period of life known as The Offseason. In about a week, another four teams will join those ranks. And then another two. And then everyone.

The purpose of these Notes will be to address those matters of greatest interest to the curious baseballing fan.

On What Sort of Information Will Appear Here
Anything might appear in this column over the following months, but one can certainly expect to find news about signings and rumors (major and minor) with brief commentary, leaderboards and other information from the Arizona Fall League and other winter leagues, scouting reports from around the internet, and also notes on 2012 projections as they become available.

On How I Did This Last Year
It’s a fact: I did this last year — until early December or so.

On If This Year’s Edition Will Extend Past Decemeber
My guess is yes — mostly because Dave Cameron is making me.

On What Will Happen If I Stop
Death. Or worse.

An Offseason Calendar
Here’s a brief, and totally not exhaustive, calendar of some notable offseason events:

Arizona Fall, and Assorted Caribbean, Leagues Begin
Exclusive Free-Agent Negotiating Period (For Five Days After World Series)
Dan Szymborski Releases ZiPS Minor League Equivalencies

Free Agent Filing Period
Arizona Fall League Continues
Award Announcements, Indignation Over
Dan Szymborski Begins Releasing ZiPS Projections

Arbitration Deadline
Baseball Winter Meetings
Rule 5 Draft
Mystery Teams Cited
Dan Szymborski Begins Releasing People He’s Kidnapped

Assorted Player Transactions*

Assorted Player Transactions, cont.
Pitchers and Catchers Report

Spring Training Games Begin

*The Vernon Wells trade happened on January 21st, for example.

Arizona Fall League Rosters
Current Rosters
Click here to see the current AFL rosters, sorted by parent club and then age. (All data courtesy

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