Organizational Rankings: #2 – Boston

I’d pull out the old “always the bridesmaid” cliche, except the Red Sox have won two World Series titles in the the last six years, so it doesn’t really fit anymore.

The Red Sox have essentially become a model organization for a big market club. They don’t waste much of their financial advantage, but instead have used to increase their international presence, spend significant dollars in the draft, load the front office with smart people, and leave enough left to put consistently good teams on the field every year.

They don’t have any real weaknesses as an organization. The front office understands how to build a winning team, and their player development system is one of the best in the game. They lock up their homegrown talent early, allowing them to use the rest of their budget to fill out the roster with good veterans who don’t require long term commitments. The players love the manager, and he works well with a stat-savvy front office.

Really, I don’t have a bad thing to say about the organization. They do a great job. Every team in baseball should try to be more like the Red Sox. That makes for a rather uninteresting commentary, but I feel like I’d be nitpicking to the nth degree to try and find a problem worth discussing here.

So, congratulations Boston, you’ve got a great franchise. It will pay off for years to come. Rather than expecting the team to find a way to lose, you can expect to win, and win a lot.

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.