Pitch Type Splits

The PITCHf/x section for pitchers now contains splits by pitch type. You can now see all the usual stats for how a batters does against a pitcher’s individual pitches.

The splits are sorted by season and then by most pitches thrown, but you can also break things down by individual pitch, if you only want to view a particular pitch type.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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  1. Feeding the Abscess says:


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  2. Ira says:

    Is it possible to get combined splits, i.e. “home vs. L” , “road v. R”?

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  3. jpinato says:

    Do you plan to add these for batters as well? That would be fantastic.

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  4. jfree says:

    Really neat! I just went through Jonny Venters page to see if I could figure out why he has been so bad this year. Before, all I could figure out was that he was getting hit real hard this year by good batters (#1 thru #5 in the lineup). Now I can see that it is his bread-n-butter pitch (sinker); it’s not just more home runs but more doubles and line drives; and it doesn’t look like the pitch itself has changed much.

    So maybe there an increased skill by good batters v that pitch – or maybe he’s telling the pitch.

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  5. Phils_Goodman says:


    Would it be possible to add a custom range split, rather than just month-by-month? Or “stacking” splits (such as vs L AND away AND high leverage) ?

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Excellent job — and thanks for the hard work you continue to give us… though new additions to FG have almost become commonplace, it’s always amazing how much you guys do on a consistent basis. One more request while we’re at it… would it be possible to add these splits to a sortable leaderboard? Thanks again for the great work.

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