Player Page Update: Draft Info & Age!

We’ve made some slight changes to the player pages and have added each player’s complete draft information and age in years / months/ days.


The draft information at the top of the page is the player’s most recent draft, but if you click on the text it will take you to the bottom of the page where you can see a player’s entire draft history.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

9 Responses to “Player Page Update: Draft Info & Age!”

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  1. Shauncore says:

    80 grade stuff. Now just need service time info or transaction/trade details and my wish list is complete aka no longer having to use B-Ref for that

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  2. mattsd says:

    Great work.

    Any chance we can get more complete minor league numbers and college stats?

    I’d love if Fangraphs had what The Baseball Cube has always had.

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  3. TomTerrific says:

    nice. good to have this info.

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  4. GW says:

    Nice. Is there a page with complete draft info for a given year?

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    • Shauncore says:

      Yes this would be awesome.

      B-Ref has a wonderful sortable page for every draft year.

      Of course, FanGraphs goal shouldn’t be to be as good or equal to Baseball Reference, but the best that they, FanGraphs, can be.

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  5. Elmo says:

    Great additions! Is the age supposed to be shown for deceased players?

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  6. Spit Ball says:

    Couple less reasons to open up B-R simultaneously with Fangraphs, thank so much.

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