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Presenting FanGraphs Audio

As part of this website’s ongoing attempt to provide white-hot baseballing analysis, we’re excited to announce the addition of a new horse to our figurative stable: FanGraphs Audio.

Herein, we offer our inaugural audio presentation — available for your listening pleasure after the jump. Today’s guests are Messrs Dave Cameron, Matt Klaassen, and Erik Manning. Come join us as we break a bottle of champagne over the bow of this ungainly, but good-natured, ship.

Also, as you listen, please consider a few points:

1. The radio arm of FanGraphs is still very much an experiment. In fact, to say it’s an “arm” at all is, perhaps, giving it too much credit. Perhaps it’s more like a clavicle — kinda near the arm, but not quite there.

2. Having said that, we’re very excited about the project, and eager to make it a legitimate complement to the excellent print content already available here. You, the reader (listener?), have played an invaluable role in this website’s ascent to excellence. Please do not refrain from offering two or three or five of your cents below.

3. Our recording technology isn’t exactly state of the art quite yet. For example, we recorded the following by means of a walkie-talkie set and reel-to-reel I found in my parents’ basement. In other words: we’re working on it.

4. Dave Cameron is an indestructible sabermetric cyborg. Just, be ready for that before you listen.

Without any more of this ado…