Rangers-Tigers, ALCS Game Three Chat

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Paul Swydan is the managing editor of The Hardball Times and a writer and editor for FanGraphs. He has written for the Boston Globe, ESPN MLB Insider and ESPN the Magazine, among others. Follow him on Twitter @Swydan.

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  1. Nick C says:

    Just a general comment: I cannot believe how tilted this site is towards AL coverage. I realize there is only the AL game today but my comment is about the posts generally. Didnt know where else to post this.

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    • Dave Cameron says:

      So far this week, we’ve live-blogged Game One of the NLCS, wrote up a post on Yuniesky Betancourt’s post-season success, profiled Francisco Rodriguez’s role for the Brewers, looked into Shaun Marcum’s struggles and disappearing change-up, and wrote up the Jackson-Marcum match-up before Game Two. And it’s only Tuesday.

      On days where one LCS is going on and the other is not, you can expect the coverage to lean heavily towards that night’s game.

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      • Hello says:

        Didn’t do anything Wednesday to help against this arguement.

        We’ll see how Thursday goes.

        Thanks to Nick for pointing this out.

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  2. Nick C says:

    Since 9/30 when the playoffs started I count 44 AL, 29 NL. Based on the 5 day writing week generally adhered to on this site that is 3 posts more each day pertaining to the AL than the NL. It was just an observation anyway. Write about whatever you want. I personally think the NL is more interesting b/c of the lack of the DH & b/c there is more parity. And Dave I think you are an excellent writer and thinker about the game. The AL bias is just something I thought I noticed anecdotally. Looking at the numbers (SSS) it seems to be true.

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  3. Nick C says:

    I’m counting it as an AL post.

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  4. jake says:

    I would like equal time given to the Nippon League.

    I would also like an equal number of articles about “Fans” and “Graphs.” You all have a ridiculous graphs bias on this site.

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  5. juan pierre's mustache says:

    in looking at the comments here, i noticed that there is an extreme bias towards comments about the extent of AL/NL coverage bias, which i feel is excluding other biases that should be receiving equal consideration

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  6. Nick C says:

    Snark all you want people. I was just making an observation. If you like the site tilted toward AL coverage then bully for you.

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