Reds Close to Re-Signing Joey Votto?

According to MLBTradeRumors, Joey Votto is nearing an agreement with the Reds on a long term contract. Votto is currently under team control through 2013, and he’s due $26 million over the next two years as part of the deal he signed last winter.

It will be interesting to see what kind of deal Votto ended up getting. Ryan Zimmerman, another quality player with the same level of service time, signed a six year, $100 million extension a little over a month ago, but Zimmerman is coming off a down year and has a lot of value tied up in his defense, which doesn’t generally pay as well as just hitting the ball really hard. Matt Kemp got $160 million over eight years, but he was also only under team control for one more season, so he had more leverage in negotiations than Votto did. Kemp is also coming off a monster season and plays an up-the-middle position, so you’d think his deal would be some kind of ceiling for Votto.

However, with the timing of the report coming so close to the massive sale price of the Dodgers, you have to wonder if the Reds got inspired to kick things into high gear after they saw what the new owners were willing to invest in Los Angeles. Votto almost certainly would have been a target acquisition for LA’s group, and Reds may have decided to get something done now before they have to deal with competition from rich new owners out west.

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  1. Vin says:

    Dave, you churn out posts like a machine!

    This is good, will put an end to the constant trade speculation.

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  2. Okra says:

    I’ll guess 7yrs, $175MM (in place of his existing contract). I think he actually has a really good shot of living up to that type of contract too.

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  3. SC2GG says:

    Jooeeeyyy… You’re supposed to come to Torontoooo… doh!

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  4. chel says:

    I’ll guess 6yrs, $130MM extension. Efectively giving him $156MM over the next 8 years at 19,5 per/year

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  5. Steve says:

    The Votto signing means that Phillips will be no longer be a Red.

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  6. TK says:

    The way I see it, Votto is a 7 WAR true talent player in 2012. If you regress for age immediately from 2013, his 2014-21 years will be 33 WAR (6.5 down to 2.5). At 5 million per WAR (a reasonable average for those years) you get 165 million. If you assume Votto won’t begin regressing until 2014, you can add 4 WAR and 20 million to make 185 million for 8 years. I could see the former being the deal – 8 years and 165 million. If Votto rakes in 2013-14, the Reds will have saved 40-70 million dollars (or in other words won’t watch Votto leave).

    In other words, I think Kemp’s deal is a low for a ceiling. Votto has been MVP level for the last 2 seasons and it is based almost entirely on hitting. Those guys get paid.

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  7. Ivdown says:

    Damn, all this money to spend and no one to spend it on this next offseason for the Dodgers! lol

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    • Joe N. says:

      Also reported that Matt Cain has reached a 5-year, $110 million extension with the Giants. Now seems more and more likely that the Dodgers are going to go after Cole Hamels with vigor.

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  8. Sam says:

    He has shown more consistancy in his career numbers than Fielder,and is better on the field and running the bases. His career WAR matches Fielder’s even though playing 2 less full seasons than Fielder. Why not give him years and numbers like Fielder?

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    • TK says:

      Because Fielder shouldn’t have gotten close to that? And he was a free agent and several years younger than Votto will be when he’s a free agent.

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    • CircleChange11 says:

      I strongly agree.

      I hope the Reds give him Fielder money … but then again I’m a cardinal fan.

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    • Sam says:

      I meant that his agent should reach for Fielder money, not that it was a good idea to sign him for it. Looks like you got your wish Circlechange

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  9. WMHGANG says:

    I agree with Steve. Phillips is gone and so is Scott Rolen.

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  10. ralph says:

    And the official numbers are in: 10 years, $225 million. Contract starts in 2014 season, meaning it runs from his age 30 season through his age 39 season.

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    • ralph says:

      So, running some numbers assuming 0.5/WAR dropoff, here is the $/WAR given an few different assumed 2014 true talent WARs:

      With a 2014 true WAR of 6.5, the calculation yields a result of about $5.3 million/WAR.

      For a 6.0, it’s about $6.0M/WAR

      For a 5.5, it’s about $6.9M/WAR

      For a 5.0, it’s about $8.0M/WAR

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