Reviewing The Rule 5 Draft

Nationals: Terrell Young RHP, formerly of the Reds.

Naturally, Jim Bowden takes a Red. Young is 23 and spent last season in High-A ball. Young’s FIPs have improved in increments, but his strikeout and walk rates are bad, and that is bad meaning bad not bad meaning good. From rookie ball up: 7.71 BB/9 (23.3 IP), 8.10 (6.6), 5.60 (35.3), 5.26 (25.6), and 3.48 (33.6). Young is a career reliever and throws his fastball hard.

Mariners: Reegie Corona, MIF, formerly of the Yankees

Corona gets the award for “Name most likely to be misspelled”. In Double-A Corona hit .274/.345/.365, which is a close mimic of his career line, .264/.336/.336. Corona also stole some bases, and was 24 for 28. Dave likens him to the Mariners new version of Willie Bloomquist.

Padres: Everth Cabrera, MIF, formerly of the Rockies

Another young middle infielder, Cabrera has yet to touch Double-A, but has some success in the lower levels. Most notable about Cabrera are his steal totals: 104 of 132, or about 79%. Of his seven career homeruns, six came in 2008. He’ll probably see some time with the Padres, if only in a role similar to Corona.

Pirates: Donald Veal, LHP, formerly of the Cubs

Veal throws a mid-90’s fastball and has control issues. The Pirates seem to love taking gambles on those types and did so last year as well with Evan Meek. Considering their alternatives, it’s easy to see Veal sticking all season, perhaps as John Grabow’s replacement.

Orioles: Lou Palmisano, C, formerly of the Brewers

Injuries zapped Palmisano’s 2008, limiting him to a little over 100 at-bats. The Orioles later traded him to the Houston Astros for cash. In the minors Palmisano possesses a career .760 OPS,

Amongst some other notable picks:
The Mets selected RHP Darren O’Day from the Angels.
The Brewers selected RHP Eduardo Morlan from the Rays.
The Diamondbacks selected C James Skelton from the Tigers.

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Palmisano was immediately traded to Houston for cash. the O’s weren’t planning to draft anyone in the major league phase to begin with, so they essentially got some free money today.