Rough Endings for Texas

.356/.418/.661 looks like a pretty good batting line doesn’t it? Well, I mean it is a really good line. That is, unless you are a pitcher and that’s the batting line for hitters against you. It’s even worse if you are a collection of pitchers and that’s the combined batting line of hitters facing you in the 9th inning. That’s exactly what the Texas Rangers have faced coming into today in 2010.

Yeah, opponents batting line is a mediocre way to evaluate individual pitchers. I used it just to offer up a feel for how much offense has been produced against the Rangers’ during that almost always crucial inning.

The lion’s share of time in that frame has been taken up by Frank Francisco to begin the season and after he faltered in tremendous fashion, Neftali Feliz was elevated to the closer’s role, but he has been ignominous as well. Francisco faced 28 batters and yielded three extra-base hits, four walks and punched out five. Feliz has faced 22 so far and given up four extra-base hits, but has just one walk allowed to the same five strikeouts.

With four blown saves and just three actual saves, the Rangers are currently one of just seven teams suffering more blown opportunities than converted. Again, as poor of a statistic as saves are for evaluating individual pitchers; on a team-level, they can illustrate the general level of frustration that a fanbase might be currently having with its team’s relievers. Faced with a division projected to be tight, Ranger fans might be boiling already, well ahead of the Texas summer heat.

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Matthew Carruth is a software engineer who has been fascinated with baseball statistics since age five. When not dissecting baseball, he is watching hockey or playing soccer.

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  1. Bryz says:

    It appears, regardless of being uninformed or purely on accident, that Neftali Feliz has one of the most commonly misspelled names in MLB right now.

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  2. JamesDaBear says:

    methinks it was a spellcheck intrusion and not completely Matthew’s doing.

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  3. Steven Ellingson says:

    Yes, saves, like errors, are not a good measure of a player’s performance. But they are both extremely frustrating to watch as a fan.

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  4. Or says:

    I’m convinced people are misspelling his name just because It’s fun at this point.

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  5. t ball says:

    C’mon people, It’s Neftali Perez.

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  6. Joser says:

    As someone who blogs daily about an AL West team, Matthew knows how to spell the name of every player on the Texas roster, I’m quite certain. Which means it was either some bizarre and obscure in-joke or a simple typo/spell-check error.

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  7. Greg says:

    So as bad a stat as blown saves are, we’ll still use them for purposes of this article. This, on the heels of the big worthiness-of-UZR debate.

    Gosh, maybe, just maybe, some of the snobbery and condescension toward general stats might dissipate. Maybe they aren’t so completely freaking useless as once thought?

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  8. Bryz says:

    I’m not accusing Matthew of doing any wrong, I’m just pointing out that Feliz’s name has been commonly misspelled by many people. Even without knowing that he covers AL West teams, I’d assume he just made a mistake. Besides, the X and Z keys are next to each other.

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