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SABR Analytics Conference Links

I’m still pretty wiped out after a long travel day yesterday that saw me get home at 2:30 in the morning, so I’m not going to manage a full recap, but I did want to point you towards some relevant links about the just completed SABR Analytics Conference that we participated in over the weekend.

The easiest place to start is SABR’s site, where their page about the conference has links to various things, including audio files of several of the panel discussions and interviews. If you didn’t attend the conference, that’s probably a good place to start catching up on what you missed.

Also, David Fung of Beyond the Box Score has a pretty thorough post up, including pictures and links to the specific audio files available. David was the first person in the room for my Saturday morning presentation, so he gets bonus points for that.

Finally, I’ve uploaded the slides of the presentation I did on Scrap Heap Starting Pitchers on Saturday. The slides really just feature the highlights of what we talked about, but do illustrate some of the points I tried to make in discussing whether teams can get value by signing pitchers coming off of seasons where they spent time on the disabled list. As I noted at the talk, there are a lot of caveats that need to be applied here, and this is not an extensive study of the issue, but I do think the failure of reclamation project starters from 2007-2010 produced a market correction that may have gone too far the last few offseasons.

If you know of any other write-ups about the conference, feel free to link to them in the comments. I’ll have a more thorough report on my thoughts from the panels and presentations tomorrow.