San Francisco Meetup: Tonight!

This Thursday, at the Stock in Trade bar in the Marina district in San Francisco, we’re going to have a Dodgers/Giants meetup. We’ll be talking beer and baseball with some of your favorite writers, with a bonus of a former scout and coach to talk mechanics if you like. FanGraphs, BeerGraphs and the First Base Foundation — a foundation that helps make travel sports more affordable for disadvantaged young people while also helping them get into college — are happy to invite you to this gathering of baseball nerds featuring happy hour pricing, some free appetizers, and lots of baseball talk.

Eno Sarris, FanGraphs
Wendy Thurm, FanGraphs
Noah Jackson, First Base Foundation
Jolieba Jackson, First Base Foundation
Blake Smith, BeerGraphs
Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm
Steve Berman, Bay Area Sports Guy
Taylor Fogelquist, FanMouth
Patrick Newman, NPBTracker
Curse of Benitez, BooleanSabean
Daniel Shaeffer, FanMouth
Daniel Zarchy, GiantsPod

Baseball Meetup FBF_FanGraphs.jpg

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