San Francisco Meetup: Tonight!

This Thursday, at the Stock in Trade bar in the Marina district in San Francisco, we’re going to have a Dodgers/Giants meetup. We’ll be talking beer and baseball with some of your favorite writers, with a bonus of a former scout and coach to talk mechanics if you like. FanGraphs, BeerGraphs and the First Base Foundation — a foundation that helps make travel sports more affordable for disadvantaged young people while also helping them get into college — are happy to invite you to this gathering of baseball nerds featuring happy hour pricing, some free appetizers, and lots of baseball talk.

Eno Sarris, FanGraphs
Wendy Thurm, FanGraphs
Noah Jackson, First Base Foundation
Jolieba Jackson, First Base Foundation
Blake Smith, BeerGraphs
Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm
Steve Berman, Bay Area Sports Guy
Taylor Fogelquist, FanMouth
Patrick Newman, NPBTracker
Curse of Benitez, BooleanSabean
Daniel Shaeffer, FanMouth
Daniel Zarchy, GiantsPod

Baseball Meetup FBF_FanGraphs.jpg

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  1. The Duke says:

    Bah! I was in San Francisco until last night!! Timing, my kingdom for some damn timing!!

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  2. channelclemente says:

    Good to see Sullivan’s not with them. Someone may actually force him to explain is Brandon Crawford BS or wear that UZR/150 crapola as a hat when he leaves.

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    • LaLoosh says:

      Hah! Obviously leaving volcanomics off the agenda was the tipping point!

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    • bdhudson says:

      “Someone may actually force him to explain is Brandon Crawford BS”


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    • Shankbone says:

      Will there be whining about Mean Bruce Bochy? Any chat chat about Brian Sabean not understanding OBP?

      How about a review of the Michael Morse signing? Here’s the conclusion ya’ll wrote: “Brian Sabean set his sights on right-handed power and seems to be overpaying in playing time. Morse is not going to cost much, and there is no long-term commitment. But he’s probably not really going to help the team win. He’s a bounce-back offensive candidate committed to the wrong opportunity.” – sounds like #27 ranked FO territory to me.

      Can we get an article on how bad Matt Cain’s xFIP has regressed and its a bad signing from fangraphs soon? Some mention of pixie dust and kool aid?

      That joint has a lot of good pork products. Enjoy, and that sounds like a great cause. I’d like to meet in person… a couple writers on this site. Someday. Maybe.

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  3. jim S. says:

    OK, so where’s Brisbee?

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  4. Wow, I’ve really taken a tumble in the billing.

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  5. thirteenthirteen says:

    Oh, I want to go. I’m not sure I’m enough of an EXTREME FAN though.

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  6. Aaron F says:

    Count me in. Hopefully you guys won’t hold my mediocre taste in beer against me!

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  7. Pabols Pieholder says:

    OMG OMG OMG so excited. Cheesesteaks at Jake’s for dessert!

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  8. liesandperfidy says:

    Have fun with your jerkball, jerks.

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  9. Paul says:

    How bout one here in Winston-Salem, maybe at a Dash game? Wednesday night, then whiskey at Tate’s.

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  10. Nick says:

    I hope there’s a long discussion of how we’re scheduled to miss Jose Fernandez next week. F THAT.

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  11. JJ says:


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  12. Marina Man says:

    JJ – the Marina is great.

    Eno – thanks for the food and stories (not in that order?)

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  13. snarkk says:

    How can Brandon Crawford have an UZR of -2.0 so far in 2014, Belt has a -0.3, yet Hicks has a +2.1? We’re told this stat should be looked at over the long term. But, seriously, what good is it if around 35 games into a season, it’s saying Crawford is a below average SS defender? And, how does UZR deal with all these shifts now being employed by MLB teams?…

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  14. Joe Curious says:

    Way to choose the douchiest bar in SF

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